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Christian Union events funding

A project by: James Newton

pledged of £1,100 target

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Completion Date: Sun 15 Dec 2019
Giving an opportunity for every student to respond to the gospel!

To give every student at kingston University the opportunity to respond to the gospel of jesus christ

We are raising funds for some of the annual events that Kingston University Christian Union are holding. We will be holding events including our Christmas carol service, message-a-mince-pie, and our mission week.

But Who are we?

For those that don't know, we are the Christian Union at Kingston University!

We are a group of students at Kingston University with the aim to allow all students at the University the opportunity to respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We hold frequent evangelical events to reach out to members of the community (and have fun while doing it!).

If you want to know more, take a look at this video from our weekend away:

So what are all these events you are holding?

Message a mince pie - We will be receiving texts from students about christianity and the bible, we will then respond and meet the questioner, in person with a mince, to answer their question!

Christmas carol service - A carol service with a variety of carols on the 10th December.

Mission week - One week in the second term of university in which the CU will hold a number of evangelical stands, lunch bars and evening events to encourage students to explore christianity.

Where will the money go?

The money raised will go towards the large and inclusive events that we hold throughout the year on (and off) campus. All funding will go towards the following:

  • Decorations for the Christmas carol concert and our mission week (£100)
  • Refreshments that will be served after the christmas carol concert (£150)
  • Mince pies for our message a mince pie event that will be held in December (obviously!) (£150)
  • Food for lunch bars, that held at various times throughout mission week (£200)
  • Advertising and flyering material for our mission week (£200)
  • Refreshments for all events held in our mission week ( £250)
  • Sundries and any extras (£50)

Rewards (What do i get in return?)

To those that give £10 or more, we will send a video showing what we have been doing (and where you're donations have gone!)

I can't give anything at the moment...

That's ok, you can still support us by following what we're up to on social media and sharing what we're getting up to!

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/kingstonuniversitychristianunion

Twitter - @KingstonCU

Instagram - @kingston_cu

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask us at kingstonchristianunion@gmail.com