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Christian Union Fundraiser for Mission Week

A project by: James Newton



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This project received pledges on Mon 17 Feb 2020
Supporting the Christian Union as they share the good news on campus

Project summary

We are raising money towards funding our "mission week". During the week we will be running four lunch bars and four evening events in order to share the Good News with fellow students.

Who we are

We are a group of students that work sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ on campus, and often have fun along the way!

So where will the money go?

  • £350 to go towards evening events including a games night, an art event,  and a coffee and chat event in which there will be an open discussion on various areas of Christianity.
  • £100 to go towards food and decolorations for several lunch bars in which several diverse topics will be discussed and talked about.
  • £50 towards build-up events the week before to reach out and encourage students to come to these events.


  • There will be a few cool rewards (like shout-outs on social media and sending you updates of how we're doing), check out the rewards section for more info!

Find us here

Email - kingstonchristianunion@gmail.com

Student Union website page - https://www.kingstonstudents.net/groups/christian-union--2

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