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A project by: Yawen Nan


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This project received pledges on Tue 04 Oct 2022
Thea, 14, and Arthur, 42, spend half a day building a relationship that transcends age and identity.

A short summary of Our project

We hope to raise £2,000 pounds to shoot our graduation film 'Chamomile', which will be of great help to our shooting. 'Chamomile' is a promising story that Yiwei has condensed into a single day, focusing on the changing relationship between two strangers. Yiwei is good at conveying the story through mood and pace, and Thea's change is the focus of the whole story. Yiwei hopes the story will provoke some thoughts about human nature.

about the director

Yiwei graduated from China Academy of Art with a bachelor's degree in Film and Television. She is currently a postgraduate student in film at Kingston College of Art in the UK.


14-year-old Thea's mother arranges to accompany a strange man, and during their half-day together the two establish a delicate relationship that transcends age and identity.


Because of poverty, Thea, a 14-year-old girl, comes to the home of a strange man at the arrangement of her mother. Thea is at first afraid of this strange man, but the man has never made any excessive gestures towards her, instead showing a respect. For the first time, Thea feels treated as an equal and cared for. As the man comes to realize what he really needs, a sympathy develops between the two, which transcends age and status.

Where will the money go?

  • We have a lot of expenses, so we are deeply grateful for any donation you can make! All of the money will help the completion of the film. 
  • Venue hire: £620
  •  Equipment hire: £110
  • Travel: £100
  • Props: £400
  • Food expenses: £500
  • Contingency: £200

Find us here

You can search our account name Chamomile_Film on Instagram, or you can just click the link on our home page.https://www.instagram.com/chamomile_film/

what the director wants to say

There are many reasons why I wrote this story.

  • For one thing, I think there is no right or wrong, it just depends on how one defines it. I have always wanted to make a sad story full of powerlessness. This kind of sadness does not come from malicious mistakes, but from people's struggle between good and evil and irreversible helplessness.
  • Maybe it's also because I've always liked the unconventional perspective and the unpredictability of relationships -- how women view men, how minors view adults. This "difference" leads to a lot of collisions, and it is the "similarity" that is most easily ignored that binds the two characters together in the end.
  • As for the story, I want to leave it open.
  • What does a girl's eyes look at this dirty world?
  • Do people who have never been treated well by life experience "love" when they meet kindness
  • Dependence, fantasy, lifeline, good feelings, missing, soul resonance. Can you tell the difference?
  • I'll talk more when it's all over.