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Broken Lock

A project by: Zixuan Li


WE RAISED £1,200

from 6 donors

This project received pledges on Tue 05 Apr 2022
An MA film-making short film explores the mental state of a young woman caring for her grandparents


Broken Lock is a 10 minute short film focusing on the change in mental state of a young barista Mia, who is taking care of her dying mother Molly.

We will submit our short film to the Kingston International Film Festival that is going to be held in June. 

We aim to raise around £1000 mainly to cover the expense of locations and paying the actors.


Our crew is made up by five girls. Han Xiao as Director, Anna Graca as Director of Photography, Hsu An as editor, Zhao Nan as sound design. I’m Liz, the producer.

The back story

The project initiated from the personal experience of our director Han a few years ago, when she was caring for her grandparents who she loved dearly. This led to her questioning the relationship between elderly people and their young caretakers and the pressure it puts on both sides. As a member of the younger generation she loves her grandparents dearly, and so on one hand, she wants to be able to spend as much time as possible with them; while on the other hand, she doesn’t want her loved ones to suffer in pain. The dilemma she was put in caused her a huge amount of stress and has inspired our short film, Broken Lock.

The audience will see the story from Mia’s point of view, follow her journey under pressure, and see how she goes gradually approaches a break down.

After reading the script, it has lead me to think about how younger generations deal with “death”, and I thought this was an emotional and universal topic that would hopefully resonate with many people.

Where will the money go?

Since this is only a 10-minute-film, we want to make sure to tell the short story in a detailed way. Thus we will be paying attention to building the visuals so the audience can really feel what Mia is going through. We are currently reaching out to collaborate with visual artists and fine art students to help us achieve this.

• Rough breakdown of costs:

Venue hire (Airbnb rent) for three days: £300

Coffee shop rent: £100

Travel and food catering: £300

pay for the actors: £300

*Currently there is no pay for the actors, but if we did manage to hit our target, we would love to pay our three actors for their work!

Find us here

You can find us on Instagram @brokenlock_film, where we will regularly update our shooting and post production progress.


No matter the amount you donate, you will be credited in our film.

If you donate more than £15, we will give you the access to our film online.

If you donate more than £40, you’ll get a postcard with one of our film stills with a personal message from us at the back.

Help us succeed!

• Please don’t hesitate to donate any amount you like, your donation is very important to us! Thank you for whatever you can give.

• Please share this project with anyone you think might be interested! We appreciate any kind of help, the more people it reaches out to, the more likely we can get to our goal!