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Azza Fahmy: Documentary

A project by: Simran Baweja



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This project received pledges on Fri 20 Apr 2018
Short film documentary

A short summary of THE project

The film is a documentary about Azza Fahmy, an Egyptian jewellery designer who is also known as 'The First Lady Of Egyptian Jewellery'. Our film will focus on few of her famous jewellery pieces and will also emphasise about her Humanitarian work. Her work includes a design school for  underprivileged kids, Karm Solar , houses run by solar panels and helping tribal women in the South of Egypt make and sell woven materials.

We will also be interviewing her family and her community about her business and her domestic life. Alongside this we will be focusing on few of her jewellery pieces and filming her inspirations like the Mosque, the Hod-hod bird and Egyptian city life and culture in making these beautiful pieces.

Who are you?

Producer: Simran Baweja

Director : Omar Aly

Cinematographer: Emanuela Comandini

Sound Recordist and Lighting: Emily Rose

Editor: Rain Okpamen

Your story

Everybody knows Azza Fahmy as a worldwide designer but not a lot of people know the woman behind the art and the glamour.

Azza became such an amazing example to many young women which is why I believe that it is important to explore her story. Azza started her business back in the 1960s when it was a male dominated industry and she made the impossible possible.

In the film we will explore how inspiration can come from your families strength and your home which is the Egyptian culture and community for Azza.

I hope the audience be it young or old can get inspired to accomplish their dreams through our film.  "To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with." - Mark Twain.

Where will the money go?

If we reach our minimum target of £300 the money will go in paying back for our Art department costs including money spend on materials. Including travelling within Egypt and the expenses on food. If we reach our minimum target.

Our overall goal of £1800 would help us cover our flight tickets, Art department costs and food expenses.

If we raise more than our goal of £1800 we will use the money for paying back our additional crew member Emily who is sound recording for free.

We will be giving updates on the project every Fortnight.

A Breakdown of Costs:

Flight Tickets for 3 people : £ 1500

Art department costs: £ 150

Travel within Egypt : £ 50

Food and other small expenses like location etc.: £100


These are the rewards you will get if you fund us! (On achieving the target).

Vimeo link to the film. ( Early Viewing)

Shout out in Credits

BTS Pictures of the production

Crew members will send in a video of a fun dare.

Images and video

Azza Fahmy with her daughters.

Azza's famous jewellery piece.

Egypt Nile.

https://www.azzafahmy.com/uk/2017-wonders-of-nature - Her official website.

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