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A project by: Caitlin Blake-McEachran



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This project received pledges on Fri 15 Mar 2019
A lost soul wanders the timeless lands of the afterlife...

A short summary

Ascension (working title) is a visually poetic and metaphorical film about a lost soul wandering the timeless lands of the afterlife. Inspired heavily by the Five Stages of Grief, them being Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance, the film is very much about the journey of visiting each of these stages. These will be represented by five distinct locations, which all carry their own unique atmosphere and aesthetic. In the end, when the lost soul has reached the last stage, Acceptance, they are able to move on and finish their journey.

We want this film to be very elemental and environmental, free from any man-made distractions that could potentially distract from the plot. This is why we want to film this story in Iceland, as it is actually the most sparsely populated country in Europe. Its vast landscapes and scenery is relatively untouched by humans, making it a perfect location for us.

Who we are

As five ambitious student filmmakers, we are hoping to make something that everyone will want to sit down and watch. As it's our final year graduation film, we also want to make something we feel reflects our talents and strengths.

Whilst we have had previous experience with portraying textural environments and other-worldly spaces, we feel that this is a big step up for us. We intend to experiment with the perspective of these vast landscapes, and juxtapose them with macro shots of their textures and hidden details. Through techniques like grading and superimposition, we will play around a lot with the appearance of these landscapes. We aim for it to be very visually stimulating, whilst also having unique soundscapes for each of the 5 stages. We feel this is an ambitious yet feasible film, and we look forward to working on it.

Where will the money go?

With four of us attending this trip, we were hoping to get enough money to cover the cost of our flights! We are hoping the rest of what we raise can go towards the cost of food while we stay there.

Help us succeed!

We will be keeping everyone up to date on our progress, and so if everyone can share this around as much as possible. The way we see it - the more people know, the more help we can raise! Giving as little or as much as you can or even passing this on to someone else will make a difference!