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MA student film: Who Dun It?

A project by: Ariel Looper



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This project received pledges on Wed 19 Feb 2020
A woman unable to leave behind the party life is forced to commit when she finds out she’s pregnant.

A short summary of project

Hello! We are a group of MA filmmaking students working on a short drama. We aim to raise anywhere from £100-£500. At £100 we could comfortably pay our actors, food and travel. At £500 we would be able to reserve filming locations, add to set design whilst also taking care of our actors. However, we would be grateful for any amount as anything helps.

Who are We?

We are a group of MA filmmakers at Kingston University. Our director is Kareena Chin who directed and wrote the piece. 

Producer: Ariel Looper

Cinematographer: Izadora Dau

Editor: Paige Yancey

Our film captures the unique story of a young black woman experiencing pregnancy for the first time and how such an event can force you to look yourself in the mirror in a more honest way than you ever did before. 

As Kareena wrote this piece it came from a place of humor and enlightenment as she reflected on her own experiences as a young black mother whom has had to raise her kids as a single college student.

Her film challenges the audience to not judge a book by its cover and to remember that we can not run from our truth forever as it is something we are unable to escape. It also speaks to the difficulties that happen when navigating interracial relationships and being biracial. 

Where will the money go

  • Travel ( Crew and Cast) : £100
  • Production costs ( Location renting and food): £200
  • Actors pay: £200
  • If the minimum amount was raised we would focus on paying for and feeding our actors first. At the very most we would complete the list above and if we collected more money than our goal we would invest more into set and costume design. 


We would be happy to put your name in our credits as contributors to the film as well as provide digital copies/ links to the film when it is completed.

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