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H2H Virtual Drama Project

A project by: Heritage2Health Project


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Pupils with learning disabilities and student nurses connecting to improve care

Support pupils from Dysart Special Needs School and their families to work with nursing and computing students from Kingston University on a H2H VIRTUAL DRAMA PROJECT and designing an ACCESSIBLE H2H APP.

During COVID-19, many pupils and families have become extremely isolated and missed social contact. We know that people with learning disabilities already experience high levels of social isolation and loneliness. Plus, they face barriers in accessing healthcare services partly due to healthcare professionals struggling to understand their needs. To tackle this, Heritage 2 Health (H2H) facilitates virtual drama, singing and arts projects to reduce social isolation and improve the healthcare experience for people with complex disabilities.During this lock-down period, we are developing virtual projects and designing and testing an accessible APP to support H2H partnerships and shared learning. We need your help to move to a virtual platform!

We need to raise £5,000 to cover our costs of moving to a virtual platform: project facilitation, creation of sensory packs and programme APP development. Our plan is to expand H2H projects to schools and services working with people with learning disabilities, and to other universities - we want to ensure all student nurses as Kingston and in the UK have a H2H experience!


Our VIRTUAL DRAMA PROJECT brings together pupils and their families, with student nurses to undertake 8 acting workshops to explore a story about a Lion with a Long, Long, Mane; who hates to roar and hates the rain! One day he meets a lion with a long, long, tail and a rainbow umbrella who gives him the courage to share his dreams. It is a story that explores ‘difference’, ‘loss’, ‘courage’, ‘choice’ and ‘acceptance’ and the experience of lock-down. It incorporates an inclusive multi-sensory approach. We are keen to develop a book, and animation and short film together. Once social distancing is relaxed we also hope to stage a musical of the story. 

Our mission is to empower pupils with moderate and profound learning disabilities and future nurses to recognise pupils-parents right to be listened to, fully involved and seen as care-experts, in hospital settings. Through working together, creating plays and films, we learn about each other and become more confident and passionate to change healthcare so it works for all.

What is it like to be part of H2H? 

Emma was frightened of nurses prior to undertaking a H2H Drama Project and stated, “will you hurt me? Will you give me an injection?” Now she feels more confident and shared how she had changed her view of nurses at a school assembly – Emma now trusts nurses! 

Student nurse, Justine told us “thanks to H2H I feel so confident now, I ran a teaching session for my colleagues on understanding people with complex disabilities! “I will take my H2H experience wherever I go”.

Students also tell us H2H enables them to see pupils for their abilities as teachers and actors that teach us to be the best. Support us in empowering nurses to advocate for and activate for change in hospital settings, and so improve the care experience for all people with complex learning disabilities.

Please give what you can and help make this happen!

Please share this page with everyone you know as we think it's a great idea, and the more people who know about it, the more likely we are to make this work out brilliantly.Thank you for your support and don't forget to follow us to find out how we are doing!

Website: www.heritage2health.co.uk

Twitter: @h2hbuddies

Facebook: Heritage2Health