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Moving On

A project by: Kamani Morrow



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This project received pledges on Wed 23 Oct 2019
Unlatched: A grieving process interrupted (Inspired by true events)

My project

Hello, I am raising money to help complete my dissertation film inspired by true and unfortunate circumstances.

Who am I?

I am Kamani Morrow, Writer and Director of this film. I am a MFA student at Kingston University and this is the final step in producing a thought provoking piece that will allow me to achieve a Masters Degree in Film Making.

My story

I want to expose the challenges and toll that grieving introduces to a persons life after the loss of a loved one. My personal experience aside, the grief process is not a straight line and people handle it in different ways. Not everyone has the luxury of taking time to mourn and I want to make light of the matter. I guess you can call this my passion project!

How will I spend the money?

  • Actor and crew travel and food expenses
  • Editing software
  • Props
  • Printing Costs