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The Loop

A project by: Shuaishuai Zhu



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This project received pledges on Tue 12 Apr 2022
Final Film for the Fiction Course

what is our project?

We are raising money to help us shoot our short film for the final assignment of our fiction course.

This is a family story about a traditional Chinese single mother and her daughter, Jo, who is deeply influenced by British culture. Jo didn't have the opportunity to pursue her passion of painting due to her family's difficult economic situation, so she pawned the family's old ring to buy painting tools with the encouragement of her friend. She didn't realise that the ring was of great significance to her mother...

Who are we?

Director: Yawen Nan

Producer: Shuaishuai Zhu

Director of Photography: Yiwei Lyu

Sound Recordist: Tammy Lee

Editor: Yawen Nan, Shuaishuai Zhu, Yiwei Lyu

our story

The Loop is the first fiction film we are making in the UK. All four members of our team have extensive short film experience, and we believe that this short film production will also improve our skills and understanding of the UK film scene. We need your financial support to finish this short film!

From our director:

This film will focus on the journey of the ring, showing the different understanding and appreciation of art across two generations and two cultures. We will use changes in lighting, music and visuals to convey the changing relationship between the two protagonists and their fluctuating emotional states.

Where will the money go?

  • Location hire: £600 (250/day, 50/service fee, 50/cleaning fee)
  • Casting/pay for actors: £150
  • Catering: £200
  • Travel expenses: £200
  • Props and costume design: £200
  • Miscellaneous (fundraising events, safety precautions, etc.): £150
  • Any excess funds will be used to pay for Film Festival submission fees.


  • For everyone who donates to us, we will include your name at the end of our film as ‘special thanks’, and we will share a link to the video with you as soon as it is completed! We hope you enjoy it and would love your feedback!

Images and video

Find us here

Here's a link to our Whatsapp group where donors can join to learn about our progress. We really appreciate your support!


Follow us to find out how we're doing!

Help us succeed!

  • We think our film has excellent potential and we’ll try our best to do it justice. We would appreciate your support to help us successfully realise our vision - thank you for considering supporting us!
  • If you can’t donate, you can still be part of our success. Please share our plan online or in person - just spread it! We appreciate all your efforts to help us complete our film :)