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The Isle

A project by: Zixuan Li


WE RAISED £2,075

from 9 donors

This project received pledges on Mon 01 Aug 2022
A 12-minute short film for MA filmmaking course

A short summary of the isle

Violet, a female director is making her feature film in an remote island. She urgently needs to go back to mainland as she receives the suicidal news of her boyfriend. However, a typhoon is about to land, and there is no way to leave this island. Her guilt and anguish is slowly revealed.

The short film reveals Violet’s inner self through a story-within-story. The feature film Violet is making is a reflection of her own mental world. 

why are we making this film?

We are aiming to raise £2,000 for the making of MA Filmmaking graduation short film “The Isle”.

This story is about loneliness. Everyone has a fear of loneliness, and everyone suffers from it more or less. Mental health is a topic receiving more and more attention these days. In modern society, technology has alienated the connections between independent individuals. The protagonist Violet, is a talented woman, but her persuasion of freedom and ideal dooms her to be lonely. 

I am the producer of The Isle, Liz. I have previously worked with the director Han Xiao. Our previous project is Broken Lock, and have received the highest score of the class. We have also sent it to several film festivals. Han has a melancholy, slow-paced story telling style, and is good at exploring female mental world. 

Meet our lovely crew:

Writer and Director: Han Xiao

Producer: Zixuan Li

Cinematographer: Razin Kurikkal

Sound recordist & Designer: Sharon Penukonda

Editor: Yuqing Lu

Composer: Yujin Baek

Where will the money go?

Location is one of the crucial factors to set the mood for this film. We had spent multiple days searching for compatible location in the south east coast of UK. As a result, a big part of our budget would be used on transportation and accommodation.

Budget breakdown:

Transportation: £500

Accommodation: £650

Pay for actors: £400

Catering: £300

Props and costume: £150


No matter how much you donate, we will include you at the ending of our film for “special thanks”.

If you can’t donate, no problem! Please do not hesitate to share this link to anyone you think might be interested to help :)

Every little contribution helps!