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Tara's Fate

A project by: Elizaveta Stoliarova


WE RAISED £1,266

from 12 donors

This project received pledges on Fri 30 Sep 2022
The Twist of Unexpected

about the project

My name is Lisa and I'm a MA Filmmaking student at Kingston University. For my dissertation project I have written and directed my own film - TARA'S FATE. I am hoping to raise money to cover the cost of this production. 

Tara's Fate is a dark comedy which explores the concept of illness anxiety disorder, sometimes called hypochondria. This film focuses particularly on cardiophobia (fears of having a heart attack). This film was produced to raise awareness of this particular disorder, which is not often talked about.

Cast & Crew

Fay Davies as Tara

Karanbir Singh as Pharmacist

Saloni Kale as Receptionist

Written & Directed & Edited  by Elizaveta Stoliarova

Cinematography by Helen Chaykovskaya 

Sound by Murat Alp Korkut & Satyendranath goud Bazaaru


A young female starts to develop symptoms that she believes indicate a major health concern. The protagonist becomes obsessed with the fear of having a heart attack, but there is no medical evidence to support her worry. As the symptoms become more severe her life takes an unexpected turn.

Where will the money go?

Actors: Accommodation and Food £300, travels £200

Locations: £80

Props: £50

Crew: Hourly pay £11 (total £220), Travels £50

Film Festivals submissions: £100

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