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A project by: John Gonzales



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This project received pledges on Fri 30 Oct 2020
Where do you find hope when you're Alone?

What is Solace?

Hello people! I am raising money for my independent film module. The film I have written is called Solace. If we are able to reach our goal we will be able to produce this post apocalyptic short film set in a dystopian war torn city.

Solace is about a downed fighter pilot who finds himself stranded behind enemy lines, being hunted down and searched for. He is forced to isolate in his temporary home for most days as he waits for rescue.

We follow him on his journey as he adapts into his new norm of isolation, finding the good and bad in being alone. Going on a journey of self discovery, finding new hobbies to pass the time but also taking up bad habits that hinder his mental state.

Solace focuses on the character John Canosa AKA Archer. 

MEET The crew: 

Producer: John Gonzales & Harry Bennett

Director: Harry Bennett 

Screenwriter / AD: John Gonzales 

Director of Photography: Bradley Towers 

AC / Editor:  Cade Rippon 

Inspiration for Idea

As stated above, this film is for my independent film module and I wanted to pitch this film to you because I believe it reflects our current situation with the global pandemic. This film will focus on the idea of loneliness and isolation, something millions of people around the world experienced. 

This film is important to me because over Lockdown I felt I was at my worst mentally and I had to adapt to the situation by finding different hobbies to pass the time. This film not only represents what I went through during the lockdown but what many others did too.

Furthermore Solace is important to me because it allows me to showcase my skills as a screenwriter. Due to the restrictions the university is implementing we are forced to look at things from a different perspective, I had to find new ways to create a narrative that adhered with these new regulations and this is the result. 

WHy be a donor?

By donating to this project you will be giving us the opportunity to create this film and to showcase the skills we have learnt. 

Where is the money going?

The money spent if we hit the minimum target will go to the costume design of the main character. There will be TWO characters but only ONE of them will be seen on camera.

If we hit the full target, that will go towards paying the actors, providing food and travel to the crew and will also allow us to outsource more props to make a more convincing post apocalyptic room setting.

If we are able to break our target we will be able to put part of the excess funds to the art direction of this film. Our goal is to make a home that looks derelict and broken but cosy and homely. In addition the excess money will allow us to submit this film to future film festivals.

We will be giving weekly updates of this project on this fundraiser page, but if you follow us on our social media accounts you will be able to see more daily updates.

Cost Breakdown

  • Actor (Travel / Food): £30
  • Props: £60
  • Costume Design: £60
  • Crew expenses (Travel / Food): £30


-Every donor will find themselves a place in the credits.

-Personalised thank you videos from the crew.

-Exclusive access to the behind the scenes of the film.

Find us here for daily updates:

Here are different links you could use to find our daily updates for the film.


Director: https://www.instagram.com/action_figure_pictures_/

Writer: https://www.instagram.com/ji.gonzales/

DOP: https://www.instagram.com/bradley_towers/

AC / Editor: https://www.instagram.com/cadeeeeeeee/

Help us succeed!

  • You don't need to donate anything to help us reach our goal! Please share this on social media platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and facebook; or use word of mouth to get it around. We'll take all the help we can get. 
  • And we know we said you don't need to give money to help us, but we'd appreciate it if you did. Please sponsor us and help make this happen.