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A project by: YU YU

pledged of £1,200 target

This project did not reach its target.

Completion Date: Fri 25 Mar 2022
Final panel Film of the Film-making semester

Final panel film of the film-making semester

We are raising funds for our final film of the semester

This is our first feature film in MA!

We will be working hard to complete the film.

We hope we can count on your support.

Who are WE?

We are a group that has always been passionate about film

Director: Xinran Zhu

Producer:Yury Yu

Photography:Yu Jiao

Editor: Yury Yu

Sound :Yu Jiao

our story

The film tells the story of a controlling mother who, in the name of loving her son, exerts extreme control over her son, who grows up in an environment where in his 16th year he secretly tries to do something of his own but is caught by his mother and is too scared to commit suicide. She wants to bring back her son's spirit through a mysterious Eastern witchcraft ritual, but what she doesn't know is that someone is behind it all.

Main element: Call of the Spirit (A Chinese superstitious ritual)

In our daily lives we are in a state of health and peace, but we also suffer from illnesses and unfortunate events. The Jambians explain these abnormal illnesses and misfortunes as the result of the influence of spirits. The Jambians believe that the soul of a living person does not always remain in the human body. This form of soul leaving the body as a result of an accident is called "fallen soul". This 'fallen soul' can lead to illness and unfortunate events for the living. The ritual to remove this disturbance is called "soul calling".

Keywords: mystery ritual, horror, suspense, depressing

Where will the money go?

  • If the funding reaches our minimum of £200 we will spend it all on actors' fees, as our film fly is very           much in need of actors' performance.
  • If our funding reaches £1,200 of which
  • Cast: £600 (two actors £100 each for three days)
  • Venue hire for three days: £500 
  • Contingency funding: £100(In case anything goes wrong, if all goes well it will go towards the entry fee for the festival)


  • We will put the names of the people who helped us at the end of the film, if they wish, and they can always watch our progress on WhatsApp if they wish.
  • All those who help us will receive stills and a handwritten postcard, as well as the right to be the first to see our film!


Find us here

You can get in touch with us on ins: yuryeyyy

Help us succeed!

  • Any help is important to us, thank you for your generosity
  • If you can share our project with others, it would be a great help to us too