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Lightweight Rocket Fuel Tank and Feed System

A project by: Alex Pullan



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Powering Progress: Fuelling Tomorrow's Success!

Our Fuel Tank

We are raising £500 to produce a design and manufacture a lightweight rocket fuel tank and feed system. This will be used to aid the development of the Kingston University Rocket Engineering competition rockets, putting Kingston University at the forefront of launch vehicle technology. 

AStro Group 2 

We are a group of Astronautical Engineering students made up of a diverse group of individuals. We come from across the globe from South Africa to Poland all with the same common aim of enhancing Kingston's launch vehicle programme. 

OUR story

Across both level 5 and level 6 studies we have been investigating the importance of an efficient feed system that is able to propel a hybrid fuel rocket engine. The tank, is also a key component in containing the fuel. Without a fuel tank there is no fuel and therefore no rocket.

The feed system and fuel tank will be used for a baseline for future KU competition rockets with a full paper produced to allow for modifications depending on requirements in a given competition. Our aim is to put Kingston University on the map, a forerunner in British launch vehicle capability.  

If you want to make Kingston University an industry leading academic institution in launch vehicle capability please donate. The average cup of coffee in London costs £3.50, if 100 people 'buy us a cup of coffee' we will reach our minimum target. 

Where will the money go?

A breakdown of costs is shown below. Extra money will go to the implementation of higher quality materials and components plus slight modifications to the design i.e. instead of one vent there will be three, one for each fuel constituent. 

Aluminium: £31.75 per kg 

Pressure regulator: £31.64 

Valves: £45.12 

Exhaust nozzle: £19.80 

Vent: £9.98 

Heat exchanger: £213.80

Fuel pump: £117.00

Total: £469.09

Keep up to date on progress

To keep up to date on all of our progress you can follow us on Instagram! Click the link below to follow our progress!


Help us succeed!

We know that times are tough at the moment. If you cannot donate money, please share it on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, X and tell all of your friends, as we aim to become the UK's forerunner in launch vehicle technology!

If you can donate any donation is welcome and would be massive in our goal to manufacture a rocket feed system and fuel tank. We appreciate any help!