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Final Collection Editorial

A project by: Rebecca Durden


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This project received pledges on Thu 20 Jul 2023
Presenting my final collection focusing of elevated sportswear and movement.

My project

As a womenswear and menswear designer studying in London, I have been developing a collection focused on the abstract view of our bodies, which has inspired my garments to be primarily silhouette-focused, using the female and male forms to reconstruct my collection to work seamlessly between genders. The intention of the collection is to bring body dysmorphia into physical garment form using outerwear and specific fabrications to create abstract shapes whilst still considering technicalities such as garment longevity and wearability. When researching the essence of the collection I discovered a balance of duality between fashion and sportswear in its ability to adapt. I was inspired by the sustainable essence that sportswear can bring when considering longevity in fabrication and design. However, the beauty in the human figure brings an abstract feel to the garments, mirroring the idea of dysmorphia. From my experience in the industry working for small couturiers, I was inspired by 90’s couture and its innovation of silhouettes.

Who am I?

Rebecca Durden is a designer from the Cotswolds, who uses a hybrid of sportswear and fashion, through technical fabrication and silhouette which evades gender norms. She has used the lens of body dysmorphia and distortion to develop a collection that plays with mouldable shapes with considered sportswear fabrications.

My story

Through my collection I have been exploring the relationship people have with their bodies. Dismorphia stems from beauty standards set by the fashion and beauty industry but has a been a large part of athletes' stories. 

Where will the money go?

I am looking for financial backing as I pay for my Final Shoot.

The money will be spend on models, a photographer, MUA and hair artist, and venue. Plus any additional costs such as travel. I would like to fund this to create a capsule collection. This would entail purchasing deadstock fabrics, trims and perhaps going towards further shoot production

  • Models (x3): £436
  • Travel: £180.54 (Uber Van transferring garments and Team)
  • MUA/ Hairstylist: £150


  • I would love to give some prints of the final Images away to people who have donated!

Images and video

Find us here

- Instagram: bcd.studiox

Help us succeed!

  • I am very grateful to everyone who are able to donate! As a student supporting a course that requires a lot of materials and financial means it can be difficult and being able to use platforms such as KUBacker is very important. Even sharing this on your page/ different platforms is useful so I thank you in advance for your support!