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The people behind the pints

A project by: Amber Baldry



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This project received pledges on Wed 07 Aug 2019
A documentary exploring the real lives of the people pouring pints.


The project is to provide a realistic insight into the people that work within the pub industry. Based on personal experience, working in pubs can be a tough job. This film aims to show what these jobs entail behind the scenes with the hope that it will influence the audience to empathise with their local barman and understand their day to day experiences. 

Who are we?

Director/Cinematographer: Amber Baldry

1st Assistant Director: Lauren Bell 

Sound Recordist:  Kamani Morrow 

Our story

Amber is a filmmaking student at Kingston University who has worked at a local pub while obtaining her degree. The experiences she and her co-workers dealt with show a different side to the industry that Amber wanted to tell to others. 

Where will the money go?

  • Towards food and drink for full cast and crew - £50
  • Towards travel expenses for both crew and cast to get to locations - £75
  • Towards props and clothing for the cast - £25
  • Any additional donations obtained will be used for further transportation expenses 


  • A special thank you email for every donation over £1
  • A poster for the film for every donation over £10
  • A copy of the films soundtrack fr every donation over £20

Find us here

Instagram: @people_and_pints_