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We're Planning A Show!

A project by: Product Furniture 2023


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Kingston Product & Furniture Design Showcase 2023

We're Planning A Show !

We are a group of emerging 3D designers from Product and Furniture Design at Kingston University! From chairs to vases, to speculative future gazing, we have a wide range of interests and projects that we would love to share with the public. We are a community of people who like to encourage and support each other through our professional and personal development. 

We want to put on a three-day show during London Design week, at the heart of the design triangle in Shoreditch. We aim to showcase our work from our final year at Kingston University Product and Furniture Design and kickstart our graduation from students to professionals. 

We hope to engage the public in all different types of contemporary design and demonstrate the capabilities of our cohort. We want to exhibit a show that represents us as a group; designing, building, and installing everything ourselves, but we need your help to get us started. The first £5,000 donated will be matched by Kingston University Alumni via KUBacker!


Put on a show, a big one.


A group of 40 young designers. (Yes, there's a lot of us)


We have lots of ideas and ambitions for our show but need the money to back it up and make it all happen.

WHAT do we need to make our show happen?

Space: We are looking for a large space in Shoreditch during London design week. We know this is a big goal, but we want to be at the heart of the action… with members of the public, industry professionals, and other creatives all in the mix. (£8000)

Promotion: We’d like to promote ourselves as much as possible to get the word out through posters, social media, a website, and any other methods we can find! We want to tell everyone about our show! (£500)

Staging the exhibition: We want to create a unique style, and identity for our show, and make sure our work is given the best platform it can have. We need materials, tools, hardware, transport, printing and more. This will be for flooring, podiums, displays, posters, lighting etc. We want to look professional, and are planning a cohesive feel and look for the exhibition. (£2500)

The Big Day! We’d like to launch ourselves with a bang! Providing food and drink for our launch. And giving out promotional material with our work (e.g. Pamphlets). We’d also like to document our hard work with a photographer/videographer. (£1000)

Contingency: We have allotted around £1000 for unexpected costs that may come up during our planning.

How else are we fundraising? We’ve been in lots of meetings, and have started our fundraising through events at our SU. We plan to put on external fundraisers, sales, markets, and more to raise funds. Despite all this, it won’t be enough to fund everything we need! We would love your support.

Follow us: We will be updating our instagram@kingston_productfurniture with our progress. You can also email us at productfurniture14@gmail.com if you want to ask us any questions.