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Team work makes dream work

"Persona" delves into the depths of the human psyche, exploring the intricate dynamics between the individual and their sense of self. David's transformative journey reflects the inherent loss of identity that often accompanies personal growth and the exploration of diverse aspects of human nature. The relationship between David and Rhea serves as a lens through which the film illuminates the multifaceted, imperfect, and ever-evolving nature of humanity. Each stage of their relationship becomes a culmination of intricate details, leading them closer to an ominous abyss, symbolizing the potential darkness that lies within.

Character breakdown


25 years old, office worker, with a kind and easy-going nature, known for his ingratiating personality. After a date with Rhea, he finds himself deeply infatuated with her, becoming inexorably obsessed. Encouraged by his friends, he decides to pursue her. As he embarks on this journey with Rhea, he undergoes a gradual transformation, influenced by her presence. However, little does he realize that with each step he takes, he unwittingly descends into an abyss...


22 years old, radiating beauty and sensuality. Her allure is irresistible, captivating anyone who crosses her path. With a carefree and daring nature, she lives life on her own terms, unbounded by conventional morals and rules. Following a date, David fascination with her takes hold, and he becomes fixated on her. She continues to date him, aiming to draw him into her world, but her motivations are not driven by genuine love.

our story

David, an easy-going and kind-hearted individual, is captivated by Rhea's charm following a delightful date. Encouraged by a friend's counsel, he sets out to win her affection. As they embark on subsequent dates, David willingly molds himself to meet Rhea's expectations, undergoing personal changes in a bid to capture her attention. But he doesn't know what dark abyss and truth lies behind Rhea's beautiful exterior. 

Where will the money go?

  • Equipment:£500
  • Transport of crew and actors(include crowded actors):£550
  • Props and costumes:£270
  • Catering for main actors and crew members:£ 270
  • Catering for crowded actors(15 people):£130
  • Printing costs(include poster for art):£30

This will be a great help for us to make our film better in many ways.