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No Show Show

A project by: Product & Furniture Kingston School of Art


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This project received pledges on Thu 24 Jun 2021
Exhibiting the final pieces of a small group of Product and Furniture 2021 graduates.

A short summary of your project

The No Show show is a collection of Product and Furniture Graduates exhibiting their final projects in Hart's Lane Gallery. Situated in New Cross, the show will run over the weekend from the 24th to the 28th of June. The No Show show has been created to allow a hardworking group of young designers to present their pieces physically and therefore be able to celebrate what has been a difficult final year.

Who are you?

We are final year Product and Furniture Design Students, graduating from Kingston School of Art in 2021.

A group of 11, our names are:

Matt Robinson, Callum Wardle,  Lucas Wheeler,  Madi Bates,  Abby Ghent,  Paige Mckenzie,  Louis Eager,  Dane Thomas,  Ellie Perry,  Ameera Azami and Cai Smith.

Your story

Discover and explore the No Show show. A selection of Product & Furniture graduates from Kingston School of Art will exhibit their best pieces from the final year. Throughout our Erasmus and final year we have been silenced in our studies by the pandemic. Only recently have the University told us our hand in and degree show will all be online.

An anti-climatic ending to our time at KSA, we have decided to take matters into our own hands. A crucial foothold into industry, the show will allow us to present our work to professional designers as well as family and friends. We feel it is vital that we can communicate and express our skills to the design world.

The show will be an open invite at the Hart's Lane Gallery in New Cross. As well as a warm welcome, merchandise and drinks will be available for anyone that attends.

We hope you see how important it is for us as young designers to express our conceptual and thought provoking ways of thinking in physical form. As a group of students living in the pandemic, creativity has been difficult to express and we all hope this show will do this with your support. 


• Renting the Gallery - £180

• Transportation costs - £180

• Online marketing - £50

• Manufacture and print cost of posters & co. - £50

  • Service of delivering these rewards - £30

Updates on progress will be through the show's Instagram account


Designed by the No Show show team we will be giving printed stickers and posters to thank who ever has donated as a celebration and memory of the show. Uniquely designed for the No Show show they will not be available after the show.



Help us succeed!

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