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Mars Rover

A project by: Jemima Whitwell

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Completion Date: Thu 13 Jul 2023
Help Make History with Kingston University's Mars Rover Team!

Introducing: Help Make History with Kingston University's Mars Rover Team!

We are a dedicated group of eight engineering students from Kingston University, and we need your support to make our dream a reality. We have been selected to compete in the prestigious UKSEDS Mars Rover competition, an incredible opportunity to showcase our skills and represent our university on a national stage. However, we need your help to ensure we have the best chance of success. We are the first team ever to complete in the Mars Rover competition and get this far.

Our Goal:

We are seeking to raise £200 to provide our team with matching hoodies and t-shirts for the competition, as well as spare parts for our Mars Rover. Your generous donation will not only contribute to our team's cohesion and professionalism but also ensure that we are well-prepared with backup parts for any unexpected challenges that may arise during the competition.

Why This Matters to Us:

Participating in the UKSEDS Mars Rover competition is not just about winning; it's about pushing the boundaries of our engineering knowledge and gaining invaluable hands-on experience in designing and building a functional Mars Rover. This competition is an incredible learning opportunity that will enhance our skills and open doors to future career prospects in the field of space exploration. By supporting us, you are helping us pave the way for our future success.

Why It Should Matter to You:

By donating to our cause, you are investing in the next generation of engineers and innovators. Your contribution will directly impact our ability to represent Kingston University with pride and excellence. Furthermore, your support will foster a culture of exploration and inspire other aspiring students to pursue their dreams in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Where Your Money Will Go:

If we meet our minimum funding target, the funds will be allocated as follows:

£150 will be used to purchase matching hoodies and t-shirts for the team, creating a unified and professional appearance that showcases our dedication and commitment.

£50 will be allocated to acquiring spare parts for our Mars Rover, ensuring that we have backups in case of any unforeseen technical issues during the competition.

What If We Exceed Our Target:

If we surpass our fundraising goal, we will put the additional funds to good use. Any extra money raised will be used to further enhance our Mars Rover by investing in advanced components, improving its performance and increasing our chances of success. Additionally, we will allocate funds to cover travel expenses, accommodation, and other incidental costs associated with participating in the competition.

Help Us Succeed:

Your support means the world to us. By contributing to our campaign, you become a valuable member of our team, propelling us closer to our goal and helping us make history at the UKSEDS Mars Rover competition. Every donation, no matter how small, makes a significant impact on our journey. Join us on this thrilling adventure and let's show the world what Kingston University is capable of achieving. Together, we can reach for the stars!


We will keep all our supporters updated on our progress through regular updates and share our experiences during the competition. Your contribution will not only make a difference but also be acknowledged and appreciated by our entire team. Thank you for considering our cause and supporting our dreams!