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Working Title - “Love Infinity" - Music Video

A project by: Sreejesh Janardhanan


WE RAISED £1,200

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This project received pledges on Sat 24 Sep 2022
A Portfolio Project “Love Infinity” is a metaphorical Romantic Music Video based on true events.

A group of final-year Kingston University London students are pursuing different courses join hands together to produce a music video which focuses on relationship dilemmas, sexuality, trust issues and interracial romance.


Some relationships take a long time to develop, yet very little time to break. Any relationship that ends negatively affects not just the individuals involved but also the people around them.


John and Amber meet during a Bachata dance workshop in London in 2015, and become dance partners for their first dance rehearsals. Since then they developed a romantic relationship outside the bachata workshop. John comes from a conservative South Asian family and Amber is from an American family. They moved in together, even though John faces backlash from his family. They also buy two dog pets (they name Geta and Doug) as they moved in. Even Geta and Doug develop a good bonding and friendship. Due to a small trust issue between John and Amber, they decide to end their relationship. Amber and John also take their pets with them as they move out. The only way Geta and Doug can reunite is if Amber and John reunite..will they? Metaphorical Approach - The relationship between Amber and John is modelled after a real-life geopolitical situation in Ukraine and Russia. Their war is currently affecting not only them but half of the world's population.

Who are We?

My name is Sreejesh Janardhanan (Director/Writer/Artist), currently pursuing MSc in Advertising and Marketing Communications from Kingston University London. I’m also an art enthusiast and creative director for the past three years whose work specialises in commercials, animations and advertising and also works well within the roles of director and writer. Initially, my journey started as an animator and pre-viz artist in 2018 mainly because I love capturing and imagining stories and he tries to imply the same principles of story-telling in my films and creative works. Most of the crew working together on this project are an ambitious, creative, experienced and lovely group of people who're also Kingston University Alumni. They're great to work with as well as passionate about building portfolios in their respective fields.

Jishnu Vignesh Srinivasan (Producer) is a creative marketer and also passionate about the film business and film production. I would love to bring together all the artists and crew from the Kingston University Alumina network to collaborate on this venture.

Sharon Penukonda (Chief Associate Director) MA filmmaking student from Kingston school of arts, currently also working as a producer on her final dissertation project.

Thomas Mattew (Co-director/Editor) is an editor and freelance filmmaker who worked on independent projects for the last 2 years. He loves editing and directing, also pursuing UI/UX at Kingston University London.

Joseph Vincent (Music composer) came over for his MSc from India. He loves travelling, and dogs and he is the good soul of our team, his music will take influence from Indian classics, Western R&B and Korean Pop.

Zhao Jiazhen (Music Producer) currently pursuing Composing for Film and Television MMus at Kingston Hill campus.

Eshwar Eric (Costume and Art) leads the art department, fashion as well as makeup and fashion requirements for this venture with his team. He is alumina from the Kingston School of Arts, currently pursuing an MSc in digital fashion from the University for the Creative Arts London.

Harini Rajakumar Dayal (Cover Art) aspiring graphic designer and also alumni of Kingston School of Arts.

Gopika Kalra (Branding and Marketing) Kingston Business school alumni, who have years of experience in the entertainment industry as an actor, assistant director as well as a fashion model. Her credits include Netflix Original Ginny Weds Sunny.

And many more….

Where will the money go?

We have a lot of expenses, so we are deeply grateful for any donation you can make! All of the money will help the completion of the film. We have budgeted £1200


Transportation expenses: £200

Props and Costume Design: £100

Singers: £250

Location: £100

Post Production: £100

Music Production: £100

Mix and Mastering: £150

Payment for actors and animals: £100

Contingency: £100

*Estimated Budget, an actual budget may vary. But we have planned to keep it under £1200.

Shooting Location

  • In and around Greater London, England
  • Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole, Dorset, England

Production plan -

  • August 17, 2022 - August 31, 2022 Crowdfunding campaign
  • August 5, 2022 - August 15, 2022 Screenplay and Ideation
  • August 15, 2022 - August 31, 2022 Pre-Visualization (Storyboarding, Planning, Scheduling)
  • September 1, 2022 - September 30, 2022 Team building, Casting
  • October 1, 2022 - November 30, 2022 Production and Music Production
  • November 31, 2022 - December 20, 2022 Post-Production

Scheduled Release

● Music Video - 24th December 2022 (Youtube First, a week later (January 1st, 2023) audio on music streaming platforms)

● Animated Lyrical Music Video (Acoustic cover with Joseph Vincent’s Voice, animated and directed by Sreejesh Janardhanan) - 31st December 2022 (Youtube First, a week later (January 6st, 2023) audio on music streaming platforms)

Find us here

Feel free to contact us if you've any queries, don't hesitate! - email: bhattwhyprojects@gmail.com.

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