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A project by: Devanshi Shah


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Lily must navigate love, self-discovery, and resilience to break free from emotional abuse.


After enduring emotional abuse in her relationship with fiancé Harry, Lily must find the courage to prioritise her own well-being, in this poignant exploration of love, self-discovery, and resilience.


Not all kinds of abuse are visible.

Lily, accustomed to Harry's controlling demeanor, rationalises his actions to preserve their relationship. However, as the night before their wedding approaches, Lily, who has never questioned Harry's decisions for her, makes a simple request – white lilies to honor her late mother during the wedding ceremony.

The illusion of a fairytale shatters as Lily walks down the aisle, only to discover the absence of the requested white lilies. A confrontation ensues at the altar, exposing the fault lines in their relationship. Faced with Harry's illogical justifications and habitual blame-shifting, Lily confronts the harsh reality of their dynamic. Standing at the altar, she is presented with a pivotal choice: continue overlooking the issue and marry the love of her life, or, for the first time, prioritise herself. 

The Filmmakers

We are a group of filmmakers studying MA Filmmaking at Kingston University, passionate about bringing our ideas to life and to create characters that audiences can resonate with.

Our aim

Our film explores the nuanced nature of emotional abuse, highlighting the critical need for individuals to voice their feelings and muster the strength to prioritise themselves. Your support goes beyond funding a project; it actively contributes to a transformative narrative.

The aim of the film is to provide a platform to educate and encourage viewers to recognise, address, and prevent emotional abuse. By backing our initiative, you become an integral part of fostering change and championing the importance of emotional well-being. 

Where will the money go?

All the money will be spent on the production. Most of the money will be used for the venue, production design, travel and catering.

  • Venue Hire - £400
  • Production Design - £200
  • Catering - £200
  • Transport - £100
  • Costume - £75
  • Printing Costs - £25


No matter how big or small your contribution, every penny counts! With your support, you will be credited as an Executive Producer. Your help does not have to bear a monetary support. Even so much as a share of our campaign over your social media out there will help us immensely.

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Get in touch: lilyshortfictionfilm@gmail.com