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La Gioco

A project by: Ashnah Jones


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This project received pledges on Tue 31 Aug 2021
Clothing as a playful mood elevator.

A short summary of your project

This project will focus on the tangible as well as psychological side of garments and how they help an individual maintain a calm and happy state of mind. Through research on two subjects; Art and Games, I’ll be creating a collection of colourful, interactive, fun to play with unique garments which will be a bold expression of the person’s personality. 

Who are you?

My name is Ashnah Walter Jones, I’m currently pursuing my Masters in Fashion at Kingston School of Art London. The learning here has been tremendous, and I have been able to identify my language as a designer. I work with broader themes of cultural heritage, the perception of the female form and utilize the tool of psychology to create outfits that showcase embellishments and prints as mood enhancers.

Your story

I'm a Womenswear Designer with a focus on Surface Design. As a creative mind growing up in a country where fashion and design is a privilege (India), a desired yet distant dream, I have always been greatly influenced by Anime and Western Couture in pursuing my ambition. It thrills me to have finally earned the possibility of studying and expanding my horizons Kingston University. Working in different branches of the fashion industry, from an exclusive couture house to an apparel retail giant, I have nurtured a wide variety of skills; like the ability to broaden and diversify a single thread of inspiration, to create detailed works of art while understanding creative feasibility of designs and efficiently executing the production of it all. 

Where will the money go?

The Entire funds will go into creating this collection of 4 garments and documenting it.

  • Fabrics : £900
  • Raw material/ trims/ Surface :  £300
  • Travel : £100
  • Production costs/ shoot : £50
  • Laser cutting cost: £50

Help us succeed!

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