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Hold the Wind

A project by: Chunyi Zhao


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This project received pledges on Tue 21 Nov 2023
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My project

Looking back at the history of fashion, from the bright colors and bold patterns of kites to innovative designs that utilize the wind, kites and their structures have provided a unique perspective on fashion. However, incorporating these elements into modern clothing can be a challenge without losing the aesthetics and functionality of kite design. In this project, I will explore how the structure of the kite can be expressed in contemporary fashion.

Who am i?

I am a master of fashion design, and the whole project is completed by myself. I hope that viewers who see my work can gain peace of mind from my work.

my story

This is the final project of my study. All around my portfolio that I want to show to my audiences, is the feeling of freedom that whatever you meet, you can do the things that you want. The life is a field not a road. At present, most people have so many pressures - no matter their work or lives. Life is like the wind, in that you can not keep it, but you can hold it and feel it - and that is enough.

Where will the money go?

If the minimum is met, I will spend the money on purchasing fabrics, and if the full target is met, I will spend it on  model costs and  final shooting. 

  • Research: £100
  • Experiment and testing: £200
  • Fabric and material: £500
  • Model cost: £200
  • Final shooting: £100


    Hey, I've got awesome rewards to thank every sponsor, no matter how much you're sponsoring. I will share a link to the final display and you will have the opportunity to visit the showroom of fashion MA final projects. Also, you will be included at my online post as 'special thanks'!

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