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KURE 2024 Sponsorship

A project by: Kingston University Rocket Engineering

pledged of £4,000 target

This project did not reach its target.

Your opportunity to support Kingston University Rocket Engineering in their 23/24 activities

Why we need your support?

KURE is raising money through KU Backer to help primarily compensate the costs of members travel to the competitions for this year. We invite you to be part of the KURE family to help these enthusiastic students to experience rocket engine test fire and model rocket launches and be part of these events to network and connect with like-minded peers.


We appreciate any donations, whether they come from individuals or companies! We have tailored the rewards for both.

Where will the money go? 

Your kind donations will be spread across both competitions and their needs, the current planned expenses looks like this:


  • Core Team Accommodation (6 members) (£108 per person) - £648
  • Core Team Travel (6 members) (£40 per person) - £360
  • Core Team Food (5 days) - £800

Race to Space:

  • Core Team Accommodation (6 members) (£100 per person) - £600
  • Core Team Travel To Symposium (6 members) (£40 per person) - £360
  • Core Team Travel To Competition (6 members) (£40 per person) - £360
  • Core Team Food (2 days) - £320

Note: Prices are subject to change and we are allowing for a £500 contingency 

Any remaining funds after Mach-24 and Race to Space has been concluded, will be used by KURE to further continue research, tutorials and future projects.

Who is KURE?

Kingston University Rocket Engineering (KURE) is a student-led academic society which aims to provide accessible rocketry-related competitions to its members which would allow them to obtain invaluable experiences and career skills.

This year we are focusing on:

Peer-to-peer tutorials on various topics and skill development related to engineering, participating in 2 competitions (them being Mach-24 and Race to Space UK) while also working on a rover as a side project. We are developing our social media presence with more active engagement whilst also expanding our presence in a local area of Kingston through outreach.

What KURE has achieved so far


  • Awarded the most ambitious design award.


  • We won 1st place in the 2.5km altitude category.


  • Went Supersonic! Reaching 3.6km altitude (highest in competition).

Race to Space- 23

  • First ever ECT (Electrical Capacitance Tomography) imaging to see combustion and regression processes.

Where to find updates about the project's progress and milestones?

As part of our goals to be more present in social media, most of our public updates are being and will be shared on our social media platforms, which are:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ku_rocket_engineering/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ku-rocket-engineering

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kurocketengineering

Email: ku-rocket-engineering@outlook.com


We have tailored two different set of rewards, one for individuals and one for company sponsors. Individual rewards range from £10 to £200. Company sponsors.

Individual donation rewards:

Bronze (£10):

  • Kingfisher (Race to Space) engine and Mach-24 rocket key chain.

Silver (£20):

  • All previous rewards.
  • Collection of 8x6" photo prints of Mach-24 rocket launch on gloss paper.

Gold (£50):

  • All previous rewards.
  • Painted 1/10 scale model of either Mach-24 rocket or Kingfisher engine.
  • Kingfisher mission patch.
  • KURE Competition T-Shirt.

Platinum (£100):

  • All previous rewards.
  • KURE Competition hoodie.

Diamond (£200):

  • All previous rewards.
  • Framed 18x12" photo of Mach-24 rocket launch, signed by members of KURE.

Note: Shipping costs will be applied for prizes valued at £10 and £20 when shipped internationally.

Company donation rewards:

Bronze (£500):  

  • Company logo on all KURE Competition Merchandise.
  • Company support is recognised on presentations and social media.
  • Pack of Chronos rocket or Kingfisher engine key chains.

Silver (£1000): 

  • All bronze-level rewards mentioned above.
  • The company support is recognised on KURE Mach-24 & R2S banner.
  • Permission to use KURE photos and videos in company promotional                        materials.

Gold (£2000): 

  • All Silver-level rewards mentioned above. 
  • Invitation to speak to our KURE members about your company and opportunities within your company.
  • Tour around our university facilities.

Platinum (£3500): 

  • All gold-level rewards mentioned above.
  • Company becomes an official partner of KURE.
  • Company logo 3D printed on Kingfisher engine (Valid until 14th of Feb 2024) If donation made after, logo will be printed on test bench.
  • Entry tickets to the Race to Space Symposium for one to two company   representatives.

Diamond (£5000):

  • All platinum-level benefits with increased company recognition.
  • Entry tickets to Race to Space test-firing in Westcott for one to two company representatives.
  • Entry tickets to Mach-24 launch day in Machrihanish, Scotland for one or two company representatives.
  • Chronos rocket would be coloured based on the company colour scheme.

Help us succeed!

We’ll be thankful to you regardless of whether your contribution is in the form of financial or exposure to a wider range of the public. Thank you!