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Josef in Exile

A project by: Matti Laiho-Murdoch


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This project received pledges on Thu 05 Dec 2019
A documentary about two Josefs that fled to the UK due to religious/political persecution.

A short summary

We are a group of MA Film Making students making a documentary about two men named Josef who escaped religious and political persecution.

One of the men, Josef Herman fled the persecution of the anti-Semitic regimes in Europe in the 1930s. He came to the UK and became a successful artist and his work is exhibited in museums and galleries around the world including the Tate.

Our other Joseph is a political activist who fled persecution from his home in the Ivory Coast. He fled to Cardiff and is working with different charities to teach asylum seekers and refugees English and Welsh, he himself is fluent in 8 languages!

Our aim is to show the similarities between these two cases despite being from different eras, religions and political views, linked by by one constant: Persecution.

Who We are

Four MA Film Making Students from the UK, Iran, India and China.

our story

We need funding because we're students who have a very interesting story to tell and want to do it justice.

Where will the money go?

  • Travel - Return trip to Cardiff for 4 people (£90), Journeys into central London from Kingston (£46), Taxis to and from locations (£120)
  • Accommodation - Hostel in Cardiff 4 days (£120)
  • Cast and Crew meals (4 people * 3 meals * 4 days = £250)
  • Printing - Risk Assessments and Release Forms (20p*100 = £20)
  • Processing Costs - Hard Drive to store finished film (£50), Personalised DVD copies (40 * £7.50 = £300)



  • £25  - Gets your name in the credits of the film
  • £50 - Gets you the above as well as a copy of the DVD and a signed poster
  • £100 - Gets you the above as well as a private viewing with the director and a copy of the production notes.

Help us succeed!

  • Every £ you donate is matched by Kingston University!