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Graduate Collection “Sa Vie”

A project by: Elsie Mccloud


WE RAISED £1,000

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BA Fashion Collection based on the life story of Joan of Arc.

A short summary of your project

I’m raising money to fund my BA graduate collection on the life story Joan of Arc. Exploring her character through archetypes of women through history, my looks are named 1 through 7; The Romantic, The Innocent, The Knight, The Commander, The Threat, The Moth, and The Fire. The collection was a way for me to investigate the history and craftsmanship of the time, especially armour and military garments. My interest in fabrication is shown through my use of fabrics and textile design, utilising fur, leather, linen, and upcycled antique fabrics including fur coats and their linings. 

Who are you?

I’m Elsie, a fashion student in her final year of Fashion at Kingston. My great interests have always been fashion, storytelling, and feminism. Before coming to Kingston I was in STEM, when I made the choice to switch to the creative world of fashion. I cannot say its always been my passion - but since immersing myself in it I have never felt more fulfilled in my work. I adore making clothes and have always been physically busy - sports being my other vice. Climbing and bouldering have left my hands even worse than hand sewing! I'm also particularly interested in LGBT fashion history, having written my dissertation on it.  

Where will the money go?

My funding will go to various costs such as fabrics, sewing accessories, photoshoot expenses, and models. Any extra money will go toward printing costs for my portfolio and lookbook.

Fabric for toiling : £200

Fabric and Trims for 7 final looks : £500

2 Models for 2 days photoshoot : £200

Photographer : £100