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Final collection

A project by: Isabella Pringle

pledged of £550 target

This project did not reach its target.

Completion Date: Tue 10 May 2022
Fundraising for the production of my final fashion design collection

I am a final year fashion design student at Kingston School of Art aiming raising £550 to help fund production of my final collection. 

The money I raise is going towards covering costs of my collection including the fabrics and fastenings I need, paying for models, paying hourly rates at a photography studio for my final photo shoot as well as hiring a photographer. Raising this money will allow me to fully realise my ideas and make a production I am proud of.

Any donation will help realise my ambitions, I will include a breakdown of my costs on order to contextualise exactly how each donation contributes to my final production:

Final fabrications - £100

Fastenings - £50

Photographer hire for shoot day - £150

Mode hire for shoot day - £100

Photography studio hire  - £150

Any donation makes a great difference to my collection and will allow me to leave Kingston uni with work I am pleased with. If you are unable to donate it is fine, you can help in other ways! Sharing this link will allow other interested people to find my page and help!