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The Invitation

A project by: Akil Xeno



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This project received pledges on Sun 03 Jul 2022
When generational and universal trauma collide, pain comes to life

My project

I'm raising £600.00 to complete this amazing film based around generational and universal trauma, identity - or lack of within black and mixed people - and the journey to find comfort within ones own skin. I would like to raise funds to pay the actors, make-up and FX artists.

Who am I?

I'm a filmmaking student who's had to struggle through the year working on my own. I haven't had the best of time in class due to things that have put a strain on my mental health. But I am fighting to achieve something great! I have a lot to offer. 

My story

I am making a psychological horror movie (inspired by the likes of David Lynch and Jordan Peele) and it's about the trauma we as human beings face due to simply being alive. Furthermore, it's about the generational trauma that black and mixed race people experience. Many of us suffer from post-traumatic slave syndrome, and it manifests itself in a variety of ways. I feel that both black people and females, due to a history of oppression, are inheritably more vulnerable. And for many, it showcases itself in very detrimental ways. This is a story about sadness but also the journey to find self love. It's a story about black love as well as female empowerment.

I will be making a series of stories for minorities and the oppressed, and so my starting point is a very important point. I believe that art is a very important source of education, and so through my art, I hope to both entertain and excite. Thank you for your time.

Where will the money go?

  • Food, travel and payment for actors and extras (£300)
  • Equipment, including make-up art and VFX effects (£300)
  • If things really take off and you raise more than your target I will put it into the next project
  • I've been struggling on my own but I will surely gain more help with more money


  • To anyone who donates, I would like to offer them a part in my next movies going forward.
  • Signed movie photos 

Find us here

My instagram page is @aenigmakil and @triptykil 

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