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A project by: Molly Roche



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This project received pledges on Fri 20 Dec 2019
a visual exploration of the unconscious aspect of one's identity

Gemini - an experimental short film

A conscious look into the subconscious 

The idea for the film came from discussions on the nature of Gemini Zodiac sign and the notion of having multiple aspects of personality, some of which are unconscious or difficult to accept, but only by embracing them one is able to achieve balance. Extensive research related to books, philosophical and psychological concepts that analyse this phenomena (Hall, Watts, Plato, Jung, Freud). We decided to create an experimental scene of conversation between the conscious persona of a twenty-two year old girl and her Unconscious (Jungian Shadow). We'll be filming in the studio, making use of complex lighting techniques and a creatively designed set, in order to visually represent the journey of exploring one's identity through a conversation with a mirror reflection. 


We are a group of second-year filmmaking students who are working on a project with professional actors.

Director: Rhiana Bonterre 

Writer/ 1st AD: Patrycja Loranc 

Producer: Molly Roche 

DP: Elise Cox 

1st AC: Bradley Towers 

Art Department: Nicole Newton 

Editor: John Gonzales 

Gaffer: Tom Johnstone Clarke 

Sound: Jack Edward-Bailey 


Gemini is a project for uni with potential to be shown at festivals so we want to make this the best it can be so we are asking kindly for donations to help support this film! 

Your donations will be spent on: 

  • Art Direction - costume, props, location (£125)
  • Festival entries (£50) 
  • Food and drink on shoot day for actors and crew (£25)

Please help support our film! 

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