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Et Iterum

A project by: Lottie Smith


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This project received pledges on Sat 14 Mar 2020
An exploration through Fashion Design into the Social Class System of Modern Day Britain

A short summary of your project

'Et Iterum', will focus on the standing of social class structure within modern day Britain, particularly exploring the archetypes of the working classes and to what extent these still exist. Translating to 'And Again', 'Et Iterum' means to capture the world that surrounds the cyclicality of class and convey the idea that we are born into a world already decided for us because of our heritage. 

Through the medium of Fashion Design and Styling I will create a comprehensive exploration into our obsession with class and its culture as well as create a finished collection and accompanying Look Book that demonstrates my concept. 

Your story

Having moved from Leeds, West Yorkshire, to Kingston School of Art to begin my degree in Fashion Design, I have discovered how strongly my work focuses on my family life and upbringing in the North of England. Fascinated by the idea that life can't exist outside the M25, my work often looks at how we perceive different social classes as well as the places that are represented by these. 

By taking a year out of my studies to complete internships within London, I learned a lot about where Fashion Design is heading and the future of people within it. Whilst the pursuit of a career within a creative industry is often reserved for the privileged, I believe that recently there has been a swing in the right direction to accommodate and celebrate people from all different backgrounds despite ones culture, creed or class. I hope that by focusing on issues close to my heart within my work, I can continue to support a much needed change within an industry that favors the upper middle classes. 

Having interned within groups such as Kering, for Alexander Mcqueen, Joseph, Net-a-Porter, and JW Anderson, I have worked within areas such as PR, Accessory Design, Styling and Photography. By undertaking so many internships within different areas of the luxury sector, I believe my final collection can be successful with my knowledge of what goes into and is expected of a designer brand. 

Where will the money go?

Primarily the money will be going toward funding the production of my final collection however, I will be creating a short fashion film and publication following the hand in of my final collection. Therefore, the minimum amount will go toward my costs and the maximum toward the production of projects post hand in. 

  • Fabric and Trimmings : £500- £1000
  • Manufacturing and Sampling: £100- £200 Per Garment
  • Look book Printing and Photograph Development: £100- £250
  • Model and Look Book Photographer: £250 Per Day
  • Accessories and Styling Creation: £350-£500
  • Look Book Production and Travel : £90- £120


  • I greatly appreciate and donation and understand the amount of faith put into someone when investing money. Therefore I would like to offer rewards as a thank you for supporting a project so close to my heart. 

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