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Final Collection Photoshoot

A project by: Iola Baker


WE RAISED £1,000

from 2 donors

"Everything Else" Graduate collection

About my project

I am looking to raise money to be able to shoot my fashion graduate collection "Everything Else." By securing financial support, I aim to showcase my work and capture my 6 look collection in the best possible light. I aspire to compensate and support others involved in this project, recognising  the collaborative effort needed to bring my creative vision to life whilst working alongside other creatives. By fundraising this money I will be able to create a photoshoot which tells the story of my collection and its wearer. 

Who aM I 

I am a final year fashion design student who specializes in womenswear and knitwear. 


I will be doing a photoshoot for my graduate collection which will be used for my lookbook submission as well as my portfolio of work for future career opportunities. This shoot encompasses all the work that has gone into the last year of my design development and my time on the fashion design course at Kingston. It is a chance to celebrate and show my designs in a way I have not had the opportunity to do before. This photoshoot gives me the chance to work alongside others in the creative industry, giving me an insight into the future of my work. By donating, you will be helping showcase my work in a new and exciting way whilst allowing me to create a lookbook of my collection.

Where will the money go?

If I were to hit the minimum, the funding would be used to cover the costs of my location, the photographer and models on the day. This would allow me to support the others involved and have a great base location to shoot my final collection. If I were to exceed my target, I would be able to afford the price of the film as I am looking to shoot the collection in mainly medium format film, and I am thinking about having a hair and makeup artist. I would love to look into getting my lookbook printed and made into a physical book which i would then be able to submit and sell. 

I will be able to give updates on the progress of my collection and the photoshoot on my Instagram were I am posting regular photos and insights into the progress of the collection so far. 

A breakdown of the costs: 

  • Location Hire (full day): £300
  • Models: £100 
  • Photographer: £100 


I would love to gift a print of my lookbook to anyone who donates! I am also thinking of upcycling some of my knitwear offcuts into headbands and accessories after the shoot, which I would like to give as rewards.