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A project by: Afarin Rahnama


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This project received pledges on Sun 20 Aug 2023
We have the vision, we don’t have the money



Our story

Title: Darko

Genre: Drama

Darko is a gripping drama that exposes the ease with which individuals can descend into a destructive cycle of wrongdoing in a society plagued by hardships. Through relatable characters and two intertwining timelines, the film explores the consequences of financial struggle, societal flaws, and misogynistic attitudes. As Alex, the protagonist, grapples with debt and engages in morally questionable actions, he discovers that the person he has harmed is not a stranger but someone much closer to him. Darko delves into the dark side of human nature, provoking thought and encouraging empathy, ultimately revealing the power of compassion and the potential for redemption.

Character breakdown

Darko/Alex: Darko is a complex character with a lot of internal conflicts. He is young and in love, but he’s also in financial trouble and willing to take extreme measures to solve his problems. His decision to rob Eden’s mother is a risky move that will have serious consequences for him and his relationship with Eden. Overall, Darko is a character who is struggling to find his place in the world and make the right choice.

Joe: Joe is Alex’s best friend. He is very sociable and likes to have connections with different people. He too though, makes the wrong decisions. He owes money to his friend but instead of paying him back he is having a party. He knows what his friend is involved in and he is quite worried for him but at the same time he is quite inactive. A part of him knows that Alex has been through this before and will be alright, from the other part is difficult to not have second thoughts for a person that choices to party over helping his friend. 

Mother/ Anna: Anna is a single parent. All her life has been dedicated to her daughter, Eden. She is very close to her and even though Eden is old enough to leave the house, she still lets her stay with her. She wants to give Eden a safe space to be. Anna, also is a very strong person and that is being portrayed from the way she reacts when she is threatened with a knife. She knows that she has to stay strong and even though Eden is not around to see her, she still acts as if she were, once again being the role model, her daughter wants to look up too. 

Eden: Eden is an interesting and relatable character. Her desire to experience life is easily seen through her eyes. She is a very thoughtful person and does not need to express her feelings with a lot of words. Eden still lives with her mother, since she cannot financial support herself yet. She is also very curious. She likes Alex because he is different and mysterious. He does not let her completely in and that really triggers her. Nevertheless, she understands that he is hiding something for her. But she could never imagine what that would be. 

Where will the money go? 

If the fundraising campaign hits its minimum target, the money will primarily be allocated to the basic needs of the production. These needs include food and transport for the actors and crew so they can sustain their work during the production. The estimated costs for transport alone are £450, food and catering costs, and a week of shooting amount to £2,100. This budget does not consider potential reshoots and rehearsals. On the other hand, if the fundraising campaign reaches its full target, the additional funds will allow the production to achieve its full potential and go beyond basic needs. The money will be allocated to various aspects of the production, such as securing better locations, acquiring equipment and props, and investing in post-production software.

Here is a breakdown of some of the costs that may be covered if the full target is reached:

  • Venue and location hiring (3 different houses and a grocery store): £500.
  • Make-up equipment for make-up artists: £150
  • Festival submission fees: £150
  • Props and costumes: £250
  • Travel expenses for a week of shooting (cast and crew travel expenses, petrol and van hire): 600£ 
  • Catering for 20 people (a week of shooting): 1000£
  • Insurance and permissions from the council for shooting in the street: £170 per hour.
  • Police presence due to script requirements (e.g., knife): £170 per hour
  • Printing costs (80 copies): £90

By achieving the full target, the production will have the means to meet all these additional needs and create a better film. A happier cast and crew will also be more motivated to deliver their best work with improved resources and support.

Rewards for film donators: 

Even one pound donation counts towards achieving our creative goals.

Donations from 1£ to 15£: 

  • You get credited as our Executive Producer 
  • Special thank you video from the whole cast
  • Social media shoutout
  • 4K exclusive download of the film

Donations over 25£

  • Zoom Q&A with Cast & Crew: Donations over 25£ - 30£
  • A day on set behind the camera: Donations over 35£
  • Shadow the director on set: Donations over 45£
  • VIP Premiere tickets: Donations over 55£
  • Headshots: Donations over 60£
  • Showreel and other short videos: Donations over 100£