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Graduating Class Gift 2023

A project by: Kingston University Alumni


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Supporting the next generation of Kingston students

Graduating Class Gift 2023

Every year, the graduating year group make a small contribution to the Graduating Class Gift. Your £5 donation will go towards the Student Support Fund, which supports students who find themselves in unexpected financial difficulty.

Why I'm supporting the Class Gift 2023

My name is Alejandro Vaughan, and I'm graduating as part of the Class of 2023 with a BA (Hons!) in Computer Game Programming. I really enjoyed the contents of my course and my overall experience here at Kingston University. 

It was very impactful to learn that close to 75% of the student body works part-time to support themselves financially while attending university. I would like to thank those donating towards the Student Support Fund, as your donations make a massive difference for students struggling financially. It really is the difference between them completing their studies and graduating or having to make the difficult choice of withdrawing from university.

What will my donation fund?

Your gift will go towards the Student Support Fund, which supports students who find themselves in unexpected financial difficulty. It is often the last resort for students, and makes the difference between completing their studies or dropping out altogether.

You know how difficult it can be to manage with current student financing. You may have been forced to skip lectures in favour of paid work, or not incur travel costs in attending lectures. The Student Support Fund can help support students facing the effects of the cost-of-living crisis, unexpected bills and additional travel costs, or small but necessary purchases.

A group of our most supportive alumni have offered to match any donations we receive towards the Student Support Fund. Your donation today will go twice as far thanks to the matched funding available and will make an enormous difference to our students.

Your Reward

For those that make a £5 donation towards the Student Support Fund, You will receive a special Kingston Alumni gift to thank you for your support. You can collect your tote bag from the Kingston Alumni stand at the Town House reception on the day of your graduation. 

How can I donate?

  • Donate here on this KUBacker page!
  • Whilst booking your graduation tickets on our OSIS student portal
  • Or, visit the Kingston alumni stand at the Graduation Reception on your graduation day in the Town House.

Want to help us promote the Class Gift to your cohort or find out more? Please email us at inspirethefuture@kingston.ac.uk. 

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