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Choked By History

A project by: Selim Nas


WE RAISED £2,000

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This project received pledges on Thu 01 Jul 2021
A film including rogue agents, and betrayal by squad mates. A drama/action set in London.


I'm raising around £2450 for my final film for my masters degree in Filmmaking. The production value will be extremely high for a short film, and we are crowdfunding to pay for 4 actors, location rentals, props, and crew hire. The film will explore the deep relationship between characters, and how love and betrayal come into place during intense situations.

Me and why i'm doing this.

I am Selim Nas, a masters student at Kingston University studying filmmaking. I have a lot of passion for film making and the art form that it is. I want to be able to express my style of filmmaking - dark, gritty and realistic -  and bring these to the screen for the audience to enjoy. I am the producer and director of the short film 'Choked by History'.

The story of the film is about relationships at its core, it explores how the people closest to you can also be the most detrimental to yourself and your goals. It explores themes of betrayal and how some people can choose one thing over their loved ones.

The film is important for me due to me planning the film for a while, I wanted to get this project finished a long time ago, but due to time constraints I could not. The filmmaking course allowed to me find like minded people and be able to pursue my dream of filmmaking. The film will be highly entertaining and a thrilling experience to watch. The film cannot be made without the financial support, which would result in the death of a wonderful idea from start to finish. 

Where will the money go?

The funding will go towards paying professional actors, paying for rentals of locations, and hiring film crew.

Paying 4 actors £120 daily:

  • James (4 days) = £480 
  • Shirley (3 days) = £360
  • Viktor (3 days) = £360
  • Payet (1 day) = £120

Rent of locations:

  • Warehouse: £350 for 3 days.

Film Crew:

  • Sound recordist and post production: £400


  • Replica guns: £350
  • Fake blood: £10

Any extra funds will be spent on paying actors catering and travel costs.


We have several different levels of rewards available: 

  • You will be listed in the end credits.
  • You will have a social media post dedicated to you.
  • You will receive a T-shirt with a cool logo of the film's poster and text on the back stating that you was part of the film crew.
  • You will receive one of the props used in the film.

Find us here

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chokedbyhistory/

All updated will be posted here, give us a follow. (We will follow back in order not to ruin your follower/followers ratio!)

Help us succeed!

Since we're in the age of social media and widespread use of the internet, please feel free to share this project as it would mean a lot to me and my crew. I truly appreciate all the support I receive.

Thank you.