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Encouraging students to be proactive members of society

“Charity Week isn’t actually a fundraising initiative. There are many of those around.

"Instead, in an age of increasing polarisation, mistrust and conflict – Charity Week is a practical example of what happens when people decide that they will put aside their differences and work together to build a better, more hopeful world.”

                                                                                       – Dr Wajid Akhter  

Charity Week is an annual volunteer-led campaign which encourages students to be proactive, caring citizens and raises funds for children affected by poverty and conflict worldwide. Over 200 institutions take part in this multi-million pound campaign every year, and at Kingston, our Charity Week is run by the University's Islamic Society (ISOC). 

During Charity Week we volunteer across campus with many students and staff to undertake a wide range of fundraising activities from mountain climbing, bake sales and football tournaments to holding collections, quizzes, competitions and even staging fundraising auctions. We are proud to have raised more than £26,000 towards vital causes in Charity Weeks in the past!

Charity week 2019

We would like to ask for your support in helping us to run a bigger and more successful Charity Week than ever before. The better our campaign, the more vulnerable children around the world we will be able to support. As the week is entirely student-led, this campaign enables KU students to develop marketable skills in event planning, communications, and logistics (among others) and is an opportunity for our University community to come together to achieve something bigger than ourselves.

Volunteering has been shown to give students the opportunity to make friends, learn new skills, advance in their career, and even feel happier and healthier. This campaign aims to do exactly that by uniting students and staff across the university to work on projects and take part in activities. Whilst of course the activities are to raise funds for worthy causes, coming together also helps the skills of the students who are organising and leading on the events or pushing themselves in physical challenges, such as the Snowdon trek in Wales! 

Our goal

We are aiming to raise £5000 as part of this fundraiser to help fund our Charity Week 2019 activities. Insha'Allah we are confident that with this additional support we will be able to have awesome results both locally for our students' development, but also globally in helping to alleviate the suffering caused as a result of the effects of poverty and conflict!

The more funding that we can raise as an ISOC for this, the more that students can be involved in running/marketing more fundraising events, developing new skills along the way and reaching out more visibly to the entire student body. 

    Larger events = more people = bigger impact = better experience. Everybody wins!

    Where will the money go?

    The money will be spent in order to fund the many events and activities that run as part of Charity Week. These events are still under consultation and the Society will ensure to get the best quotes possible and utilise the funds appropriately. Any excess money will be used to support more events and activities to help make them even better than previous years! 

    Below is a rough breakdown of how some of the money will be used if the target is raised:

    • Food and Bake Sales/Stalls - £100
    • Sisters Sports Day - £40
    • Chai & Quiz - £30 
    • Hunt on the Hill (KH Competition) - £80 
    • Mega Football Tournament - £800 for hiring football pitches 
    • Dinner & Auction Night - £2700. ~£2000 for dinner and £35 per hamper (approx. 20 to be created).
    • Mount. Snowdon Trek: £2,050. 4 guides at £800 and coach travel at £1250 

    Total: £5000

    Please note these figures may change based on quotes and the events that are to take place. 

    If we raise our goal of £7000 we will run a greater number of events and make our existing events larger, for example by producing more hampers for the gala dinner. 

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact the ISOC President at: KingstonISoc@gmail.com or our Welfare Officer at vpwelfare@kingston.ac.uk 

    thank you!

    Everyone who takes part with a donation of £100 or more will receive a FREE ticket to our flagship event of the year, our mega Auction Night & Dinner. 

    Kingston University Islamic society (ISOC) -Who are we?

    We represent the Muslim Student body across all campuses, dedicated to providing services for Muslim students that make up more than 20% of our student body at Kingston University. Although our society primarily caters for the needs of Muslim students, it however reaches out to the entire student body. We cater for student’s spiritual needs, their academic journeys and provides an enriching social sphere for students to form part of a greater community. We hold countless events, lectures, classes and schemes throughout the year & not to forget our many socials! From our annual Charity Week campaigns to structured weekly classes, we endeavour to go above and beyond to provide an uplifting university experience for our members!

    Find us here

    You can keep up with all our events and updates by following our social media platforms: 

    Facebook: @KingstonISoc

    Instagram: @KingstonISoc  

    Twitter: @KingstonISoc  

    If you have any questions feel free to email us at: KingstonISoc@gmail.com 

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