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APOGEE - Short Film

A project by: Lydia Henry



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This project received pledges on Fri 15 Nov 2019
A short fictional drama exploring solipsism and existentialism stemming from isolation and trauma

A short summary

We are aiming to raise £400 to fund our film 'Apogee' for our 3rd year independent film project as part of our BA Filmmaking course. The story follows a fictional interview set in 1987 between a reporter and an ex-astronaut, whose traumatic experience upon the Apollo 17 mission caused him to become a solipsistic existentialist. 

Who We are

My name is Lydia and I am the Producer for this project, I am also working with a group of 3rd year BA Filmmaking students:

Director/Writer - Emily Murphy

Director of Photography - Nina Gubatan

Assistant Camera - Emily Rose 

Art Director - Zoe Small

Editor - Muhammad Amputra

Sound Designer/Recordist - Sarah-Louise Davila

our story

This film is an ambitious venture into the world of period drama. This is a notoriously difficult genre of film to tackle as low-budget students, however we plan to bring life to a story that focuses on the complexity of characters, dialogue and visual aesthetics presented in art direction. The characters will explore a range of topics including the history of space, solipsistic reality vs. perceived reality, and detachment.

As a crew, we all share an interest in intellectual cinema and are excited to experiment with new techniques while bringing this film to life!

Where will the money go?

Any money you kindly donate will go towards:

  • Actors - £200
  • Travel - £50
  • Set design and costume - £150


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Help us succeed!

If you can't donate, that's not a problem! Please share our project either online or in person - spread the word! We appreciate anything you can do to help make our project a success. :-)