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Ang Hunghung sa Bukid

A project by: Daniel Hughes Hawkins


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This project received pledges on Tue 03 Mar 2020
Two childhood friends, Lakan and Mayari travel to a place where land is higher than the sky.

Film synopsis 

Lakan and Mayari were best friends growing up and did everything together. They were

separated before they hit puberty and spent their years apart discovering things about

themselves that they felt they couldn’t tell others about. When they reunite, sparks fly

between them as they uncover the lost friendship of their youth. They discuss their

childhood together and a story from local folklore that inspires them to seek out the

mountain that the mythological Moon God ‘Bulan’ descends onto from the heavens, to meet

his lover ‘Sidapa’. Lakan has a genetic degenerative disorder that is causing him to go blind,

but his week-long trip with Mayari will allow him to see the beautiful sights recounted in the

tale of ‘Bulan and Sidapa’ one last time. Lakan instantly trusts Mayari, enough to hold onto

his hand so that Mayari can guide him on their journey to the ‘Sea of Clouds’. This physical

touch fosters an intimacy between them that escalates into a deeper connection,

encouraging them to act on their newly-discovered desires.

Our motivation

This film is being created as part of our gradation project for our third year of our BA filmmaking degree. This film is not only important because of its ultimate impact on our degree, but because it is the pinnacle of our work to date.

This film will represent us as practising professionals, it represents our talent not only as a crew but as individuals and will set the standard from which all our future work will be based from.

This film offers perspectives into the culture of the Philippines, an insight into the LGBTQ culture within a predominately catholic country, as well as raising awareness for the disabled, in particular the blind, who are represented in the film through protagonist Lakan.

The Crew 

Marx Mañoza - Director 

Emily Murphy - Writer

Daniel Hughes Hawkins- Producer and Sound designer 

Calum Henderson - Director of photography 

Mo Amputra - Editor 

Where will the money go?

  • Covering flight costs for the film crew to travel to the Philippines - £1500
  • Paying for local actors - £400 to cover suspected filming period
  • Accommodation and food for actors and crew- £180 
  • Travel insurance - £80
  • Booking out locations - £250
  • Relevant filming permits - £60 
  • Script translators 
  • Production costs 
  • Film festival submissions

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