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Funding for graduate collection

A project by: Amelia Stentiford


WE RAISED £1,100

from 4 donors

This project received pledges on Fri 05 May 2023
Funds will go towards everything from fabric costs to photo shoot and materials

My project

I am fundraising for my BA final year graduate collection, this collection has been inspired by the people around me and how my personal evolution has been dramatically effected by this over the previous couple of years. Having lived in both London and Berlin my work has been a documentation of my surroundings from nightlife to the everyday. I have developed the ability to pluck creativity from real life, creating a visceral and real response. Having lived through Covid as a young person and now experiencing life post Covid, I feel now more than ever I have a deeper interest for detail, by using these two cities and people close to me for a constant source of inspiration. I have also been exploring further underground resources, researching subcultures such as Indie sleaze and punk and how their lives were documented through photography. This real and lifelike depiction dramatically helps to translate my imbedded focus of real people, and how I can harness this and use it as constant source of creative individuality.

Where will the money go

  • Flights to Berlin (lookbook shoot) £144
  • models (4 models all friends £50 each) £200
  • Photographer (£75 per roll 36 shots of film) £225
  • Ongoing fabric/trims costs - £440 

What will i get out of donating?

As a thank you, every person who kindly donates will get a digital copy of my lookbook via WeTransfer Link.

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