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A project by: Yating Mei


WE RAISED £2,000

from 4 donors

This project received pledges on Thu 15 Sep 2022
Kingston Film Making MA student final project

our project

I'm raising £2,000 to do this amazing final project, it's a narrative short film by Mystery. I love this kind of film, so I want to complete my vision in the graduation film. I believe it has commercial value and will attract a large audience. I will use perfect sound effects and editing effects in post production to shock him and make him unique.

We will update photos of shooting set and production to let you know the processing.

Who are we?

We are a professional team from KSA,   

Han: gaffer

Yudong: gaffer assistant

Satya: director assistant

Mei: producer

Jin: Clapper-Loader, producer

Shirley: producer

Xara: behind the scenes

Lisa: sound recordist

Murat: sound recordist

Anne: gaffer assistant

Frainan: behind the scenes

Kenny: director, cinematographer 

Our story

It’s a film about a person who has an hallucination, and imagines a girl to accompany him. Then, his personality is changing, and kills the girl at the end. Then, he wakes up and finds out everything is unreal…


Travel (van hire & petrol): £200

Production costs: £500

Rent house: £800 

props costs : £300

Meal: £200


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Find us here

Instagram: awake_shortfilm

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