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3 Minute Thesis Competition at Kingston University

A project by: Dirk Folkerts


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Come on everyone -lets get behind this -every bit helps..

The skills I have learnt from the training course have genuinely been invaluable. Whenever I give an oral presentation now, I am far more reflective of what I need to bring to the table, and how to hit the necessary points succinctly and poignantly. I have used this training in a recent interview and it helped me massively. If you have the opportunity to take part in this training, absolutely do it. It is an incredibly transferable skill! Many interviews are now including short presentations. This course will help you not only learn your strengths and your weaknesses, but how to work within your time limit and "be yourself". Additionally, the environment is so friendly and welcoming. No matter how confident or shy you may be, you will definitely gain something from this course.

I took part in the 3MT last year. Training day really help with my public speaking (I was really bad tbh). It's a great opportunity to look at your research from a completely different standpoint and get to the core and summarise it in a way I didn't know I could.

I strongly support the 3M competition since it will give you excellent training, not just to present your key project concepts and research results to a wider, lay audience, but also it will give you future interview skills for employment or even to swing a loan from an investor! A common first question at the viva voce for instance is "Describe briefly to me the key findings from your research".

@Peter Wigley: We are exploring the possibility to broadcast (live). We will definitely film the semi finalists' presentations and publish them on the University website; the same way we did last year. http://www.kingston.ac.uk/research/research-showcase/3mt/

Last year, I have had the chance to participate in the training process as the ‘academic’ partner; as well as training and watching two of my PhD students (Elina Mitrofanova and Neha Ainsworth) presenting their research in the Kingston 2017 3MT Final. Personally it was a very rewarding experience and I will be very pleased if this opportunity is available to other PhD students again this year. I wholeheartedly believe the 3MT and similar competitions – although disguised as ‘competitive challenges’ – are in fact essential training opportunities. Having only 3 minutes to explain 3 years’ worth of work forces students taking a distant view of their work and its impact on people’s lives, the society or the economy. From my experience in working in multidisciplinary research teams I also know that the ability to explain a specific subject area in simple terms is an essential skill, and this is exactly what 3MT promotes!

Will you broadcast via Webex or Skype?

Wonderful project!