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The lost love letter

A project by: Penukonda Sharon

pledged of £1,300 target

This project did not reach its target.

Completion Date: Thu 01 Sep 2022
A wife's love never dies.

About the film

Fiction | Drama | 10 minutes

The lost love letter is a story about an old couple who are two completely different people in reality. The grandmother is a meticulous and tidy woman. While her husband is a messy and unorganized man. There is regret that the couple never had a wedding ceremony and a veil symbolically travels through the narrative. As the grandpa goes around making the home messy the grandmother cleans after him every time and complains. But in the end it is revealed that the grandmother is not alive and her ghost has been in the home cleaning and keeping it neat. The grandfather embraces his solitude and expresses his love to his wife by reading a letter years after she has passed away.

Our team

Meet our lovely team - we have a global team who has excelled really well in their independent departments.

Director: Yating Mei

Cinematographer: Luo Yudong

Sound: Nan Zhao

Editor: Xinran Zhu

Assistant Cinematographer: Razin Kurikkal

Executive producer: Jingxin Zhang

Producer: Sharon Penukonda 

Where will the money go?

  • The money will be used towards location renting, travel and food for cast and crew, prop fees and actors' fees.
  • If the project really takes of well, with the extra money it would give a chance for our director to send her film to international film festivals.
  • Venue hire (two days) - 280£
  • Travel and conveyance - 100£
  • Props - 58£
  • Actors fee - 500£
  • Post Production expenses - 162£
  • Film festival entry fees - 200£


  • Anyone who donates to our project will be mentioned in the credits. 
  • If someone donates more than 50 pounds we will send an invitation to out screening.

Images and video

Female lead

Male lead 

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