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A project by: Binyi Yu


WE RAISED £1,000

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This project received pledges on Sun 24 Sep 2023
Hope women getaway from unwilling fertilities

our project

I am raising £1000 to shoot a short film which is about female reproductive rights. I hope this project could be useful, and will have some awesome results in raising awareness of the situation that women are facing, like compulsory fertility, marital rape and limited choices for females. 

Who am I?

Having graduated from the University of Nottingham, as a BA student who studied international communication, I am studying filmmaking in Kingston. Kingston provided lots of brilliant opportunities for me to work with a diversity of amazing people and with the support of my team members, I believe we will create a wonderful project.

Our film

My story is about how a woman named Lin protects herself and fights with her husband under the background of the limited reproductive rate, which leads to the issue that the government is forcing women to have babies. Lin's husband however, as a member of government office, appears as a symbol of patriarchy. Under these conditions, how will Lin fight with this power.

Where will the money go?

All the money will be spent on making the production. If we reach the minimum amount, I will use most of the money on equipment hiring and settings. If we reach our ideal amount, I will spend more money on travelling to make the transport more convenient for crew members and to improve the equipment to improve the quality of the project.  

Light hire (4 days): £400Travel (van hire & petrol): £243Production costs: £500Setting costs (200 copies): £600


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