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Hume is a character-driven short film, directed by Octavia Grove and written by Callum Lee Harrison.

The Story

Hume’s life is thrown into disarray following the death of his mother. Sent to live with his estranged father, Hume is struggling to feel at home in his new surroundings and makes the decision to go back to the house he shared with his mother. Guided by his memories of his mother and their home, Hume sets off on a journey to reclaim his sense of belonging.

A still from LOVELESS - dir. Andrey Zvyagintsev A still from GOD'S OWN COUNTRY - dir. Francis Lee

Why This Film?

For Octavia, this project started with the acknowledgment that people have different depictions of what makes a home: for some, home is wherever they choose to make it whilst, for others, home will always be where their family is.

Octavia wanted to highlight how a certain upbringing can impact the life of a child and how relationships help to shape a person and their memories. Encompassed in the symbol of a home, this is a story that explores how memories and our imaginings can cast a veil over reality and how one’s depictions of an environment and a place can be skewed by the presence of a person you deeply love. Hume’s story is one that we can all empathise with; a story about a teenager and how he fits into this particular world, of which he has been thrust into.

In helping bring Hume to life, you will not only be investing in a short film, but in independent film, independent artists and young future filmmakers who want to break into the industry with creative and diverse ideas. Each and every pledge of support, no matter how large or small, brings us one step closer to our objective and we could not be more excited to get the ball rolling.

Where we are right now

At the moment, we are in pre-production, which means sorting out all the important messy bits that make a film come together: script, casting, finding locations and making the whole shebang work, but we need your help to get us to the next stage.

Help us to raise £240 to clothe our fantastic actors!

Help us raise £200 for Hume's father's house!

Help us to raise £500 and we can rent all the props we need to make Hume's house, a home.

Help us to raise a further £500 and we can rent the camera we long for and the accessories we need to get those perfect shots! YEAH, it's expensive.

Help us to raise £600 on top of that and we can rent the location we dream of and have a place to put those beautiful props and film our wonderful actors!! Hex cottage is the location dreams are made of, and to rent it for three days, we have racked up a hefty sum, but it's worth it and Hume's house is every bit as beautiful as we imagined!

Help us to raise £83 for a generator to power everything because our house has no electricity!

Help us raise £377 to help us actually travel up to our beautiful Hex Cottage - and don't forget petrol expenses!

Why We Need You

We are so fortunate to have found an incredible crew of talented individuals who believe in this project so deeply and we hope you will share our conviction and choose to get involved by pledging support for this Kickstarter campaign. One hundred percent of your contribution will go directly towards securing the best talent, securing the perfect location to tell Hume’s story, the props to fill it and towards the food to feed our team.

Most importantly, we know that you want to see exactly where your money is going so below we have broken down our budget so you can see how the money will be spent.

We’ve got our fantastic script and are in the midst of casting our short, so help us see it through and be a part of something truly wonderful! Take a look at our rewards to the right and let us tickle your fancy…

Right. That's it for now! Check in for regular updates as we add to our crew.

The rewards

We hope we've sparked your interest and hope that you can begin to see this story coming to life. We are so incredibly grateful to everyone for supporting this project, whether it's £1 or £500, give us some cash or just help us get the word out on social media with #HumeShortFilm or Octavia Grove , or any of our names for that matter! Come find us on social media and spread the word.

Please note: You will NOT BE CHARGED for your pledges until the campaign ends on Saturday 24th March 2018.