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A project by: Penukonda Sharon


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This project received pledges on Fri 15 Jul 2022
This is short documentary about the lives of the Young Adult Carers who support their family.


  • Our project is dedicated to the lives of "Young Adult Carers (aged 18-25)", to increase social awareness, especially in terms of support and compensation to the carers who so much involved themselves to care for the people they love in their family.
  • Mari Yamamoto, who is this documentary Director, has a disabled brother and she wants to hear the voices of people with similar experiences. When she was a child, there was no definition of young carers in Japan, so she had no opportunity to have any support. In Japan, a nationwide survey on young carers was conducted for the first time in 2021. Meanwhile, in the UK, the "Care Act 2014" was enacted in 2014. This is legislation aimed at adults and considers support for young carers after they have passed their 18th birthday and are no longer considered 'young carers'.
  • The UK is a leading country when it comes to supporting young carers, however, social awareness of this situation in the world is still extremely low, especially in terms of support and compensation for "Young Adult Carers". Therefore, we would like to interview young adult carers and those who are involved in supporting them.
  • We are currently in the research phase and have gotten some responses from carer communities and charities. Professor Saul Becker, who is renowned for his work on Young carers and is considered as the world leader in the field, is also ready to support us for research in our documentary.


I am Sharon Penukonda, the producer of our graduation project. My team and I are master's students from Kingston University in Filmmaking. I find this project has a lot of potential to bring about changes in the society and I believe my classmate and good friend Mari Yamamoto has a great vision for her documentary, and she wants to record the experiences of such young adult carers in a positive manner while ensuring that it is not just consumed as entertainment but it is an eye-opener to everyone. Our cinematographer is Razin Kurikkal, he is one of the best cinematographers in our entire master's class. Editing will be done by Jingxin Zhang, she is a highly experienced editor who has a distinct style of editing. Yawen Nan is our Sound recordist who is good at her work. As we are an international team ourselves we would like to take this documentary and spread the awareness of young adult carers in each of our home countries to promote a more inclusive society that understands Young Adult Carers.

Where will the money go?

The money you invest will be optimally used to cover production costs (e.g. Crew's travel expenses, equipment procurement, etc.) and entry fees for submitting the finished film to documentary film festivals around the world. Once we hit our target amount we can immediately start the process of filming and supporting our protagonist in whatsoever way possible as we are still in the research phase of the film. We will keep you updated on how your donation has been spent on the project and on the progress of the research and filming.


We are aiming to submit our documentary for film festivals that are specifically held for the purpose of addressing societal issues and community services. We will give each and every one of you who has supported us the credits for our film.We are also looking into the possibility of organising a film screening at CLOSED so that we can have a social event with you.As a benefit to those who donated over £50.A link to watch short documentary "When I knew". This is a self-portrait documentary made by Mari Yamamoto last year about her family and her disabled brother. (For the protection of the filmmaker's privacy, the viewing link will be removed after the completion of this documentary).

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