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A project by: Lina Al Khaleel

pledged of £1,500 target

This project did not reach its target.

Completion Date: Wed 31 May 2017
I need funding for website building and packaging materials.

A short summary of your project

I would love to raise up to £1,500 to help me fund my website (web developers aren't cheap these days), improve my display, as well as make my packaging items and get them right. Without this funding, things will still happen, but at a much slower rate. I will have to order packaging that is less expensive (I'll have to compromise on quality and presentation) until I could pay for the higher end packaging items.

Who are you?

We are a really hardworking team, one of us is based where our production takes place (Kingdom of Jordan) and is the creative engine of our business, then we have a team of two in London (Kingston upon Thames) working on the business side of our work i.e. marketing, accounting and all the rest of it. We have started 7 years ago, just selling in exhibitions in Amman, Jordan, and now we look forward to expanding our customer base to UK, and once the website is launched, we will be shipping internationally! How exciting, right?

Your story

Every business is asked "how are you different?". Every business has its differences and unique ways in everything they do. Sinasia's jewellery is handmade, which alone shows the passion and love for jewellery. We wear our own items, not for marketing (but it happens naturally) but because our designs really are superb. Our quality is to be compared with Eddie Borgo, Escada, Ted Baker and many more of the like; our gold plating technique is quite well done that our item could last you years not losing a sparkle or reduce its shine. If it does wear out within 2 months of purchase, we are happy to provide you another piece of your choice for free - that's how confident we are! Talk about our prices, they are lower than the names I have mentioned above. Why? Not because our quality is lower, but because we handle our own production (huge cost cutter). We don't send our designs to China or Italy to be made, we have our own engine as mentioned previously, and we are also not very well known...yet.

Where will the money go?

If the minimum amount is raised, priority goes to the packaging items.

Quantities needed: 400-500 bags, minimum 2 printed ribbon rolls. Cost breakdown of packaging:

  • Portrait carrier bags, 120x 70x 150mm, quantity 500: £527  OR  quantity 1000: £672
  • Ribbons, Quantity 2 rolls: £29/roll OR  3 or more rolls: £26/per roll

If more than the minimum is achieved:

  • Bags will be ordered, as well as ribbons, tissue/wrapping paper, printed pouches.
  • Website development: I have already bought the domain and hosted my website, Web development quotes are as follows: 1- £899.00 + VAT for eCommerce design & set up. 2- £699.00 inc VAT for the same. I have asked and received more quotations, but narrowed down to these 'do-able' two.
  • Display units: We are preparing for an exhibition in June, and to be fair to our stock in terms of display, we would need to order at least three more display units (which is imported from China).

If the target is exceeded:

  • I will buy better photography equipment for my web content e.g.  tripod, photography box, shutter remote, lighting.
  • I will invest in production: I am looking for courses to improve our techniques even more e.g. better gold plating techniques (how to coat two/three times instead of one).
  • I will immediately start working with Swarovski elements (I have already contacted Swarovski and planned the project/line of Swarovski elements) everything is set up, if there were extra funds, it will speed up production by far.


Sinasia Jewellery could sponsor a few of our largest contributors and provide all their jewellery requirements for a certain period of time (details will be decided depending on the results of this pitch). We can give massive discount codes for all those who contributed to our journey to success.

Find us here

Our website still needs a lot of help, but we do have Facebook and Instagram .

Help us succeed!

If you crossed by this but couldn't contribute monetarily, please feel free to pass on the link to anyone, anywhere you could think of :)