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Peperoni Stories

A project by: Stanley Thompson

pledged of £800 target
This project will only receive pledges if at least £400 is pledged by Sun 20 May 2018
A documentary giving insight into the life of Djaan, an Iranian immigrant living in Münster, Germany

Our project

Peporoni Stories is a proposed documentary about an Iranian refugee living and working in the city of Munster, Germany. We are proposing raising £400 - £800 to cover the costs of transporting vital crew and camera equipment from London to Munster.

Who are we?

We are a group of undergraduate students embarking on our final project. Several members of the crew have collaborated on previous projects and documentaries.

our story

Director Fred lives in Munster and has been visiting Djahan's restaurant for several years. After discovering an article two years ago in a German newspaper, titled 'Nostalgia: Places, we're going to miss' about the struggle refugees go through when leaving places of great sentimental and emotional value in their lives - Fred thought of Djaan and his journey from Iran to Germany.

Fred chose to visit Djahan's homeland for research purposes and met his sister and family who even Djahan has not seen in person for 30 years.  He also visited places in Iran that whereof importance to Djahan, for example, his favourite place to go hiking in Tehran, the hospital he was born in, the bazaar and a clothes shop he used to own. The visit to Iran made this project and Djahan's story very personal to Fred and he now wants to show what it means for a refugee to leave their home.

Where will the money go?

  • If we hit our minimum funding target we will be able to fund a short stay in Germany with minimum crew.
  • If we hit our full target we will be able to fund a longer period of accommodation and shooting dates in Munster and pay for crews travel and expenses.
  • If we achieve past our funding target we will be able to fund 2 trips to Germany for the crew to build a working relationship with Djahan, the restaurant and the city.
  • Breakdown of costs.
  • Travel: £200-400
  • Flights £60 per crew member
  • Accommodation: £200-400
  • £400 would allow a stay in Munster for up to seven days
  • Anything above £400 would allow us to rent Zeiss lenses for the shoot giving us a noticeable difference in the quality of the footage we will