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A project by: Miriam Veil-Powley


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This project received pledges on Mon 15 May 2023
Miriam Veil-Powley's BA Fashion graduate collection


After four brilliant years of my BA at Kingston School of Art, I am fundraising to help cover the final costs of my project, my collection, ‘Irrealis’. 

My collection features 6 looks and is comprised of 13 pieces, with additional handmade accessories. Named after the ‘Irrealis’ tense, my concept was sparked by the essay collection ‘Homo Irrealis’ by Andre Aciman, investigating the heavy concept of the “what if?”. Irrealis is an ode to a life almost lived, an exploration of our potential existence had my family stayed in France. Having been raised surrounded by my mothers’ precious collections and connections to her heritage, I am fascinated by what compels us to reflect, to keep, and to collect. Inspired by images of 19th and 20th century French workers, Irrealis weaves together my precious family objects and history with traditional French silhouettes. 

why this matters

I have tried my utmost throughout my degree, especially during my final year, to find ways of keeping costs low. I hand-made my accessories in the ceramics studio with the clay offcuts of other students, and I have relied heavily on fabrics donated by my generous employers during my placements in industry last year, but the costs have still been incredibly high. I am able to shoot at my family home, my collection is largely inspired by our family objects, so it feels only right to shoot there among them. I am therefore saving money here, but transport costs will be high for my team to reach my location. The images generated on the shoot will create my portfolio, which will ultimately be my entry to a post-grad job, and my career to come. It is so important to me that these images are really special, and communicate my project in the most effective way possible, to increase my chances of securing a job, and to help me end my 4 years of university with pride in my work. 

Where will the money go?

  • Model fees - around £300 (3x models, including travel)
  • Polaroid film, wide, 3 packs - £50
  • Accessories - £50+ (shoes, equipment for finalising the accessories, makeup)
  • Final fabric costs - £100+ (linings, fabrics for hair accessories and bags)


Sponsors will be thanked with a hard copy of my lookbook, to show what their donations have gone towards, and as an appreciation of their generosity.