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A project by: Shanna Antonio

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Empowering and inspiring the next generation of young women


We are raising £4000 for the Empower programme, so that more Kingston University students can be trained and supported as youth mentors for school pupils who are at risk of underachieving. Kingston students will build their own confidence, develop key leadership skills and have a big impact on someone else's life!

Who are WE?

We're Kingston Hub and we are a student-led group (yes, the ones looking silly in that picture above) that is working to engage more Kingston University students with social action and show them that they have the power and potential to make a real difference in the world, through programmes like Empower .

The story

' As I am someone who has come from a largely female dominant background, from my school and family life, I felt being a mentor for young girls was a role I could take part in confidently. I also feel I have benefited from being part of this project, as it has allowed me to develop my conversational and leadership skills on a regular basis. ' - Empower Mentor

Empower was set up a year ago by Kingston University student Cassie Riley, who volunteered as an academic tutor at a local school and saw the opportunity to do more to raise aspirations of young girls at the school who were at risk of underachieving at school. This means mentoring school pupils missing out on those crucial GCSE grade passes to progress to college and vocational studies.

Over the past year we have been overwhelmed by the response and have had over 30 students mentoring pupils in 3 schools! They meet with their mentees fortnightly to have sessions on everything from revision techniques to their career aspirations. Mentors build their own confidence, develop key leadership and communication skills, have the chance to make an impact and so much more! The demand to take part in the programme is growing and we just can't keep up! We need funds to help us find more partner schools, recruit and train more mentors and cover our activity costs so we can keep growing!

  • A £12 return journey to one of our schools, once a week for 1 teaching block costs £144. This will fund potential mentor Andrea to work with a girl at risk of under-achieving before crucial GCSE examinations.

You could fund a mentor by donating just £12.... or cover them for a whole term by donating £144.

By donating you will not only be supporting a Kingston University student to become an expert mentor, but raising the aspirations of a young girl who is currently at risk of under-achieving.

With this additional funding we want to train and support 50 more Kingston students to mentor 50 more school pupils who have so much potential and need the support and role model to fulfil it.

'The most memorable part of the experience was seeing the girls become more and more confident. This ranged from their exam achievements, sport activities and home life. As well as this, it was exciting to hear about their aspirations for the future in terms of going to University, particularly one girl who hopes to attend Kingston University to study Geography (like myself).' - Empower Mentor

Where will the money go?

  • Recruiting more partner schools.
  • Publicising the programme and recruiting more Kingston students to take part.
  • Putting on training for 50 Kingston students to prepare them to mentor.
  • Covering the travel costs of mentors.
  • Recognising and celebrating the achievements of our mentors and mentees through a school- based social event.


We have some great rewards for anyone who donates to this great cause!

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